• They are harmful to todays youth

    They lead to addictions which can ruin an individuals life. A sex addiction can be a common result of an individual reading and purchasing this material. ANd can be extremely harmful to marriages and any relationship for that matter. It is for these reasons and more I believe these magazines should be banned.

  • Yes we should.

    Do you think that it is appropriate for a 10 year old boy (or even smaller) to stare at girlie pictures in the front page of store magazines and start developing some thoughts and imaginations about woman bodies? These materials can suggest sex and affect, sometimes seriously, a child's mental development. And to those who support publicly visible Lads Mags and find the clothless woman pics sexy and beautiful, I would say that this "bikini culture" limits your own characterization of sexiness. To a man, life is not that great without enjoying true woman beauty.

  • Save a tree

    If it's explicit then it should not be in a public place frequented by children. Period. Pro porn or anti porn. There is a time and a place people, so keep our supermarkets and corner stores gender neutral. It's so damn easy to get any kind of porn on the internet it really isn't necessary or worth upsetting people by putting it in stores everyone has to visit and for that matter in their face.

    And as a side note, I really am anti Cosmo magazine and the like...They can seriously be just as bad sometimes so same goes.

    And at the very least...At a bare minimum...If topless and sexual images of women are allowed to be shown here there and everywhere then for fecks sake allow a picture of a woman breast feeding!! (ELLE I'm looking at you with a disappointing look).

  • It sends out the wrong messages.

    Girls are under so much pressure to look good and these magazine do not help. Teens are even resorting to surgery so they can look more like the girls so they can match up to the boys who read them. Its not realistic and real girls do not look like this.

  • No they shouldn't

    It depends on how sexual they are portrayed in the store. I object to seeing sexual material in public but I certainly don't object to porn in general. The sexually conservative side of our society is still to strong. I guess thats what you get from years of negative programming around the perfectly healthy topic of sex.

  • Blanket censorship will teach no lessons to the youth that would be "protected"

    By simply censoring 'lads mags', the people that could be inadvertently affected by this are learning nothing. A simple and quick search of google on any smart phone will bring up far more damaging and explicit images than are ever seen in the pages of these magazines.

    Also, long before 'lads mags', teenage boys were looking for titalation. This is nothing new. As for the viewpoint and attitudes that the formed about women, then education is needed, not censorship of legal material.

  • After that whats next?

    Why? Because a boy will walk past and it will suddenly hit him that women exist?
    While we are at it lets make it illegal to sell magazines in stores in general as they will in some way appeal to our imagination as the magazine companies spent all their time and money trying to accomplish. The moment you start banning things for these reasons is when everything becomes at risk. Wheres the limit? Dictionaries? Because they have dirty words in it that our children should not see? As a male when growing up I somehow managed to not turn into a Charlie Sheen clone fuelled by sex and the female autonomy.

  • Lads who cannot respect women should be educated, not let everyone elses freedom be taken away

    If a man hits a woman or treats her like meat because of looking at porn in magazines, that does not mean that all magazines should be banned from stores because they show something that some men might consider to be true of a woman.

    If lads magazines are banned why would we stop there, why not ban porn, why not ban sexy music videos.

    You can teach men to stop being so bad to women by teaching them how to act, not by banning something that might stimulate an opinion of someone else.

    Domestic Violence towards Women has gone down since the 90's when these magazines started to become popular in supermarkets, while Correlation does not = Causation, it sure tells you something. Women are not being treated the way they were in the past, they are being treated with much more respect than they were in the past.

    Do not allow these women to take away your liberty.

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