• No plastic baggies

    We do not need plastic baggies because they hurt wild life and the environment. Anyways plastic baggies should be banned today and forever. They also can pollute places including the Ocean, land, and the air. They rarely break down in landfills. Some people recycle but only 7% do it. FOR THE BAN!!!!

  • I think plastic bottles should banned

    I think that water bottles should be banned because it does more damage than oil spilled in water. Mostly because it lasts forever. And because of that it can damage sea and land animals. And that is bad when we mostly eat things like fish. So we should banned them if we want to keep huge food source.

  • Plastic should be banned.

    Plastic should be banned because when sea animals eat it they have pain and die in a slow way. When they die it become food and when people eat it they get sick and go to the hospital. In the ocean there is a huge chunk of plastic its the size of Europe! People are trying to stop plastic by using the same stuff that they use like example people are using old bags instead of plastic bags and people using water bottles instead of plastic water bottles.

  • This needs to come to an end.

    If you think plastic shouldn't be banned than you are basically destroying mother nature cause if an animal eats a tiny food and if you pollute a small plastic the could think thats there food and they eat it and thats it for them.This is my opinion but i think it is also littering

  • Plastic is polluting our world and therefore our bodies.

    Plastic is polluting our world and therefore our bodies. The prevalence of disposable plastic has so saturated this society that plastic fills every landfill and litters every body of water. Plastic doesn't biodegrade but becomes smaller and smaller particles until it infiltrates our water and therefore our fish and food chain. We can find plastic microbes in everything we consume now. We are becoming what we eat! In the future there will be diseases and cancers that will be directly related to the consumption and toxics of plastics. Plastics are destroying our world. Ban them now before it is too late.

  • Less Plastic, Cleaner Earth

    Tatum Emerson #7
    February 8, 2017
    LA, 6th Grade, Allen

    Less Plastic, Cleaner Earth

    Plastic is such a useful, easy, and cheap material. Although, as helpful as it is, it is so deadly. Think about how much plastic you use every year. Chances are, you use a lot. What about the entire world? According to The New York Times, 300 million tons of plastic is produced every year, but only 10% is recycled. What can humans do about that? We can ban plastic in California!

    Imagine being an innocent Leatherback sea turtle, swimming in the Pacific Ocean, looking for your favorite snack, jellyfish. You look up and see one floating on the surface. You do not know this, but this is not a jellyfish. This is a plastic bag that someone has dropped and it has made its way into the ocean. You try to devour it, but you choke, and now there is one less endangered Leatherback sea turtle than before. 90% of sea animal deaths occur from being choked or strangled by plastic in the ocean. This is why the state of California should ban plastic.

    What about humans? Plastic can’t possibly harm us, can it? Well, truth be told, it can. According to W.E.C.F., when plastic is burned, it releases PVC, which is toxic to humans. Cancer Research UK claims that one thousand deaths a year are caused by poor air quality. PVC can also cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, fatigue, and disease (livestrong.Com, 2017). When people burn plastic to get rid of it, it pollutes the air, which can be even worse for the earth. You can run from plastic, but you can’t hide.

    Imagine the 300 billion tons of plastic produced each year. Only %10 of this plastic is recycled! How much ends up in the ocean? Eight million tons! With all of the plastic, there is a lot of litter on the earth. The earth covered in plastic, all of which is very hard to get rid of. If we put it in the ocean, it kills sea life and coastal birds. If we burn the plastic, it will pollute the air! We need to stop plastic in it’s tracks!

    Plastic is evil. It is spreading across the entire earth, leaving chaos in it’s wake. Banning plastic bags is a start, but plastic is still every where. Next time you want to buy something made of plastic, think about what is more important, this plastic item or the life of an innocent animal.

  • Plastic should be banned.

    Did you know that %25 percent of fish sold at stores have plastic in them, according to ? Plastic can choke and strangle sea life, especially sea turtles and other animals that eat jellyfish, because plastic bags may look like jellyfish to them. Also, burning plastic negativly affects our air quality.

  • We should ban plastic

    Plastic causes pollution and environmental damage in large amounts. There are thousands of plastic bags in our oceans today and the numbers will only grow. People were fine before the invention of plastic, we do not have to rely on plastic. Banning plastic would be much better for the environment and people's health.

  • Yasssss , plzzzzz

    Plastic bags are so horrible they kill innocent sea animals by suffocating them that is not fair how would you like to suffocate from a plastic grocery bag, you wouldn't like it now would you and there might be a chance you are eating plastic when you are trying to have a nice, peaceful dinner with your family think about that next time you have a dinner with your family. :) so plz ban them

  • I think we should ban plastic.

    I also think we should ban plastic. Plastic plays a big part of the pollution problems we have. The average American takes home about a 1,400 plastic bags a year and only 5% of that gets recycled a year. Scientist also estimates that 46,000 of floating plastic trash are in are oceans in every square mile of the ocean. The animals are the ones that suffer from our doing. Seagulls swallow plastic trash that make their stomachs smaller that causes them to starve evencally,and fish swallow plastic trash that causes intestinal injury. This is only few of the consequences of our doing. This is such an easy fix all we have to do is recycle or throw away our plastic By: Kevin Rogers

  • Plastic should not be banned

    Plastic is used in our every day life. Most likely, half of the things you own are plastic. We manufacture using plastic because it's CHEAP. Companies would go broke that they have to buy glass for water bottle or something else. Prices would also grow much higher do to more expensive material.

  • Plastic is irreplaceable

    Nowadays, plastic is used to manufacture many things. It would be unrealistic to ban plastic things. From bottles to toys to furniture, plastic is literally everywhere.

    Banning plastic would cause a huge rise in prices. Plastic is cheap material that many manufacturers, even small ones, can afford. Imagine if plastic was banned. You would no longer be able to buy a bottle of water in vending machines, since manufacturers would probably have to sell water in glass bottles, and glass doesn't do well falling down chutes. As glass is more expensive than plastic, drinks would start to get more expensive. McDonalds or Starbucks will no longer be able to use plastic covers for their drinks, and you would no longer be able to drink through straws. This is extremely inconvenient and meaningless.

    Many children's toys are made of plastic. This is because plastic is light and easy to clean, so toys stay safe and hygienic. If kids had to play with metal or glass toys, they could easily injure themselves by simply dropping the toy. If they had to play with soft toys or wooden toys, hygiene would be a constant problem. There is a reason plastic is so widely used. It has advantages over many other materials.

    Imagine not being able to use stationary that has plastic in it. You would have to use metal rulers. Oh, and the little ink tubes inside pens? They're plastic. You'd have to use metal from now on. This will make stationary prices soar, not something everyone wants, right?

    Without plastic we wouldn't even be able to laminate a sheet of paper, or use files, or use plastic bags. If plastic items were banned, you'd have to start thinking about what you can use to line your bin, what you should use to replace ziploc bags etc. Brands like Lego, Playmobil, Havainas, Data Bank, etc would go out of business. Clothing lines would have to start replacing plastic buttons and bag manufacturers would have to start replacing everything plastic in their products.

    Banning plastic items would ruin the economy, cause inconvenience, all with no good reason.

  • Our modern society is reliant on plastic

    Are you ready to give up your I Pod, computer, tv, fuel efficient cars, space exploration and various medical technologies including pacemakers, respirators, feeding tubes, catheter's and Iv systems. Do you want the cost of nearly everything you by to sky rocket? Plastic Is Cheap and versatile yes we need to make sure we can stem the pollution they cause but we wouldn't be in a position to debate these things without them. Personally I would be dead without them.

  • Plastic is good

    I support using plastic in a responsible way. Plastic is a very cheap material and costs less to make than normal bags. Almost all people are too lazy to get their own bag for groceries, and grocery stores will be pissed if they are not allowed to make plastic bags. Plastic is not that bad for the environment if it is not used for litter, and is being recycled.

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