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  • Many people are going to be overweight

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  • Sugary drinks result in many diseases

    Sugary drinks are extremely unhealthy! Sugar has been linked to many diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cancer, tooth decay, and more. Society is just not as informed about this because we don't learn about the dangers of sugar as much as smoking, for example.

  • Sugary Drinks should not be banned

    I don't think sugary drinks should be banned but rather the consumers should limit the intake of sugary drinks. Health labels on packaging with recommended doses could be useful. It's ultimately up to the user if they want enjoy sugary drinks the should be able to do so. Foods and drinks in moderation is key.

  • Ban of Sugary Drinks removes freedom

    If we were to ban sugary drinks this would be a removal of freedom to everybody. What people need to understand is to control the intake of Sugary Drinks. This is much like drinking alcohol and should only be done in moderation. They taste delicious but are fine in moderation unlike products like drugs and alcohol. Next thing we will hear is that they want to ban fatty foods.

  • Lessons Learned from Prohibition

    Sugary drinks and consumers' craving for them are contributors to widespread obesity, but the answer to combating the number of people taking in more than a healthy amount of sugar, does not lie in forming some type of ban on sugary foods or drinks. Most people prefer to have a choice, when it comes to their personal diets. Prohibition attempted to ban people from purchasing alcoholic drinks, which created more motives for committing crimes, such as bootlegging, and then escalate to more serious offenses, such as robbery and murder. A greater number of people frequently drink sugary drinks, today, than the total number of people who frequently enjoyed alcoholic beverages, when Prohibition eliminated the legal purchase of alcohol.

  • People enjoy them

    There should not be anything that is not inherently dangerous that should be banned globally, and sugary drinks are far too benign to be banned. Sugary drinks have been consumed responsibly for generations until today, so, ultimately, people should not be penalized on the whole for the effects on the few.

  • No ban on sugary drinks

    Since when is it up to our Government to decide if and when we can consume a beverage that may have high levels of sugar? If that were the case we would all have just the option of water depending on the levels of sugar which would be deemed banned. Apple juice is high is sugar, are we going to ban apple juice? I think not. What we need to do is teach moderation and healthy choices. Banning things from people make them want to do the very thing you just told them they cannot do. For Freedom of choice to work there has to be choices.

  • Keep sugary drinks.

    What exactly is the definition of a sugary drink, anyway? Are we talking about sodas, like Pepsi and Coke? Or are we also including sugary drinks like orange juice and apple juice? Because fruit juice is also sugary. If people want to drink sugary drinks they're going to, and banning it is pointless. Bigger fish to fry.

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