• I do in fact think they should be banned.

    I know people may attack me because they think I am doing this because I'm not fond of her, but that really isn't why.
    Big bows really express a certain statement that's wrong. It's such a juvenile thing to wear and if she thinks she can pass off wearing that for the rest of her life then she's wrong. These things haven't been cool since the 1970's. Plus, they cause bullying, believe it or not. There was this girl at my school who really likes Jojo Siwa and she wore those bows to school. All I know is because of all the bullying, she transferred schools a short one and a half months into the school year. They express a sort of thing that gives people the right to say how "girly" things are and how only girls should be wearing things like that. It weakens the fight we have for women's rights. There is so much more I could say about this but I think that's all I HAVE to say.

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