Should we be allowed to change names when we grow up?

  • Yes, there is no reason not to.

    Yes, we should be allowed to change names when we grow up, because there is no reason not to allow it. In a free society, unless there is a good reason to prohibit something, it should be allowed. Records can be kept through identification numbers, and there is no reason not to allow people to call themselves what they want to.

  • It is a matter of personal choice

    Some people just don't suit the name they have been given and even their parents call them by another name and everyone else they know and if they are not allowed to then when they get married the won't be married under the name they identify to and all their friends identify them as but one that is really just no them

  • Only in certain cases

    At what stage is it ever necessary to change our name? There is no logical reason that a name needs to be changed or should e changed when we become adults. There would be cases such as these with very unusual names which may be detrimental to ones life or career.

  • It's not hurting anyone

    There are literally no valid arguments against this. If an individual wants to be identified by a different name, who are they wronging? It's a personal decision that people should be allowed to make, just like choosing what gender or sexuality they identify as, or whether they prefer dogs or cats.

  • Why shouldn't we?

    Why should it be illegal to change your name- some parents call their children really awful and embarrassing names, noticeably celebrities. I think constitutes as freedom of choice, I no one should have to bear a name they don't want to. Of course, I do think there should be an age restriction, e.G. 18

  • It should always Be an open option.

    I myself have gone by a nickname all my life. It is a shortened version of my middle name, but I prefer it to my legal first name. I would love to change my legal name to my preferred name. Even if it's not what my parent's named me, it's what they call me now. The nickname fits well with my future, and it's what everyone knows me as, so in a few years, I will change it for convenience.

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