Should children be allowed to drive at the age of 13?

  • Yes and no

    I feel most kids over 13 can drive just as good as there parents. At age 10 I knew how to drive and how to drive correctly. I think there should be a parental agreement where the parents say if the kid is mature enough at 13 to take drivers ed.

  • Hit the highway 13 year-olds

    We need to get out of the house early and start our own lives. We need to drive so we can go out and get a job and start making money for ourselves. We can also drive ourselves to school every morning and I know that would be a convenience for the parents

  • Responsibility the main thing most teens have!!

    A 13 year-old should know how to be responsible and how to show they are. If they took the test and passed give them their license the next year if they fail then let them keep practicing and try again. Its as simple as that. If they practice with a parent in the car then good. They should also drive with a parent for a couple months and then drive on their own. Go hang out with friends and look amazing when they go to High School in their sweet car!! So let them drive!!!!

  • It Is Something They Wait Too Long For

    Kids are kids for a long time. They're told what to do and where to go, and they're too old to be a kid that can be babied, but too young to do anything adults can do. They deserve something special about that age that gets them through it. Driving is a very rewarding, and if taught correctly, will be only as dangerous as a sixteen year old driving.

  • Cars for kids

    Cars inspire kids. Let kids drive! They always dream but if we keep saying no their imagination will die. Driving cars will make kids more responsible. They cannot get arrested, and cannot die. It's better to scare your parents now than when they are old and could get a heart attack.

  • Yes and no!

    Some kids are responsible! But some are not. If they pass the test(s) then they should be able to drive. If they do not pass the test then they should not be able to drive until at least 16 or 17 or maybe even 18. It all depends on the person and how responsible they are.

  • Yes, but only if there ready.

    They should be able to have a special license to at least be able to learn how to drive and prove that they deserve to get it. It gives more opportunities to kids but I think 14 years of age would be more reasonable because at that age they should be having more responsibilities and should know how to take care of them and be more responsible with this opportunity.

  • Yes 13 year olds should drive

    I think we should have started driving at a young age so that when we hit the highway we would have had some practice and experience plus we will be free because our moms wont be calling us every 20 minutes .Most think we arent muture, but the truth is any 40 year old can get into a crash.

  • Yes its stupid how we can't!

    All you people saying no because of texting or being on the phone... Your going off an assumption that they will text or listen to very loud music etc. Plus if a 13 year old can show control of a vehicle and pass a drivers test the only difference between them doing that at 13 and 16 is the age. And it would also allow ALL highschool students to be able to drive to school, if they are 13 or older until they are 16. Because im sure no one in highschool wants to be driven by their parents or take a bus.

  • Yes we should!

    I think kids at the age of thirteen should be able to drive because they are less likely to get distracted while driving. I came up with this because most of my friends don't have phones and are not able to talk or text on the phone. And besides, most parents don't let their children take their electronics out of the house.

  • Not mature enough, Childish, Not observant, and no reason.

    I am 15 and studying for my permit. Just because you think its cool and a convenience for your parents, doesn't matter. If 13 year olds could drive, I bet there would be a HUGE increase in deaths. Do you guys even know how to read signs? Knowing the speed limit and knowing how to steer, is not all you need. You need to read signs also, along with quick decisions. Wanna go somewhere? Go ask your guardian. You guys just want to grow up. Guess what? At your age, you don't need to worry about bills or house or car payments. Just enjoy your childhood. Cause it doesn't last forever.

  • No Way Jose

    13 year old kids can't even reach the pedals yet, so they would have to create tiny cars just for kids. Also, it increases the risk of accidents, injury, and death. (If they got in an accident, their bodies are not fully strong enough to take a full blow). Additionally, they don't have insurance for themselves.

  • No, they lack maturity.

    Being a good driver requires maturity and a good sense of judgment. Children at age 13 generally do not possess either of these qualities. They would be a danger to other drivers as well as a danger to their own lives. Most 16 year old kids shouldn't even be allowed to drive.

  • Some of them haven't even hit their growth spurt!

    Children can begin to learn at this age, fine. It's certainly a good idea to start learning early. However, full driver's privileges? Most 13-year-olds should not be permitted the amount of responsibility and independence that is needed with a driver's license. They simply are not mature enough at that age.

  • They arent complete

    They are just turning into a teen which means they are barely developed. They will not be able to focus on the road because they cant focus on one thing. They will wanna be noisy and see what is going on around. They should be aware of their surroundings but not looking at unimportant things (i.E. Malls,game stores,). I believe they should wait till 18 when they are finishing their developing stage

  • They are not prepared

    13 year-olds have hardly started puberty. Their hormones and emotions are flying all around, causing mood swings that can be let out through their driving. Many young teenagers lack the patience and maturity needed to drive responsibly. Sure there are those out there that are patient and mature, but if they truly are then they know that they can wait a few years, and by then they will have developed even more physically, emotionally, and mentally.

  • No, they should not.

    At the age of 13 most teens are not even in high school yet, let alone anywhere near mature enough to drive a car. Even with teenagers being allowed to get their license at 16 we have a large quantity of accidents. To be honest, I think if the driving age had to change they should make the age limit higher, not younger.

  • Children should not be allowed to drive at the age of thirteen.

    When someone is thirteen years old, they are still a child. They are often too small physically to be able to properly use the mirrors, and they are not mature enough to bear the responsibility of driving. I believe you can begin to teach them to drive at age thirteen, but that is as far as it should go.

  • No, they should not.

    There is no reason to believe that children at the age of 13 should be allowed to drive. Teenagers already have very high accident and fatality rates when driving. By expanding it to younger and even less mature teenagers, that rate would be through the roof for them. I don't believe they can safely operate a motor vehicle.

  • No, absolutely not!

    As someone who was 13 years old not too long ago (less than a decade), I can say that this would be a terrible idea. Children should not be able to drive at 13 years old. They are simply not ready. In a way, they are still very much children and it will be a few years before they're to the point of becoming adult-like.

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