Should we be allowed to use electronic devices in class?

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  • Kids need electronics in all school classrooms

    People are so stupid!!! Obviously children need electronic devices in a school classroom. People need to realize the obvious, what IF there was a fire or a burglary, then what would our children do?? It would hurt me very badly if I found out that there was a fire and the students nor teachers could get out because they did not happen to have a phone or electronic device on them to call for help!! So for all of you people who said that students should not have electronic devices then I hope that you will reconsider your decision!!!

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  • Kids should be able to bring electronics to school

    If there was a fire or an emergency and there was no way for the teachers to get help, the students could help by calling the police. Also, if a person forgot their things were at the school and there was only the principal working, the student would be able to contact the principal.

  • YES kids should be able to use electronic devices in class

    I think students should be aloud to use electronics in class because it can benefit them as they grow up . Also i think that they can help them easily do research instead of taking forever to log on and off of computers. Electronic Devices could also make it easier on teachers,they wont have to worry about kids ruining the schools computers and laptops , because they will be using their own electronic devices

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  • Yes, Of course!

    Electronics encourage students to learn and prepares them for use of such devices in the future. Kids need to get used to the awesome technology the future has to bring. Electronics can be used for stopwatches, calculators and documents. The fact is, electronic devices are vital to the world of learning.

  • In a Controlled Fashion

    Electronic devices in the classroom can be educational if used in the right way. If a teacher does not have control over what the students are doing on those devices at any given time, you can be positive each student will be playing games and completely zone out from the lesson. With care, they can be a valuable, interactive study tool.

  • No, kids should not use computers in the classroom.

    I do agree, there are some good sides to having a computer, however there are more important reasons to not having a computer in class. Because, when you are on a computer, it is very distracting, and kids don't pay as much attention as they did before computers. Some websites students go on are inappropriate, or have inappropriate ads on them, which is not good for students at school. Kids focus more when it is on paper, because there is just a paper. You can go onto social media, play games, and go on other websites with computers. They are distracting, and bad for students, and paper and a pencil will be a lot better for schools.

  • No, they distract from learning.

    No, electronic devices should not be allowed in class, because they are distracting. Electronic devices are helpful for some purposes, but there are too many other things to do on a phone or computer, and a teacher should be teaching, not policing whether students are using electronic devices. Students have many other opportunities to learn electronics, and should focus on learning without distractions.

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