• Yes, we should be better about picking up on certain things people do.

    Yes, we as humans, could be and should be better about picking up on certain things people do. While this statement is a bit vague in its context, I believe that the general ideas of empathy and interpersonal sensitivity are wholly important to creating and maintaining a diverse, interesting and supportive community. Picking up on certain things people do can include activities such as listening and conversing, observing and reflecting.

  • Sometimes we are too blind to see.

    Sometimes it is hard to see what is right in front of us. We always try to help the ones closest to us but sometimes we can not see or understand what they are going through. Maybe tragedy could be prevented if we read people better but no one can understand the human mind so we are always in a constant struggle.

  • Yes we all could be more vigilant.

    In the wakes of this weekends terror attack I believe that all Americas can be more vigilant and pick up on certain suspicious things that are taking lace in our community.As was the case in San Bernardino, many neighbors were suspicious of the terrorists prior to their attacks but nobody spoke up.

  • Yes, we should try to be better at picking up on things that others do.

    As humans, a lot of our communication is non verbal. We are always using non verbal cues to let people know what we are thinking and how we feel. The ability to pick up on these non verbal cues is called Empathy. All humans have empathy (some more than others but we all have it). In my personal opinion our society is loosing our empathy due to a lack of human contact. We rely so much on digital communications that we are loosing our ability to empathize with others. We as a species need to try harder to engage more in human to human contact and less on things like text and email otherwise we may loose our ability to empathize completely.

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