• More work should be provided to the homeless

    More work should be given to the homeless. This will give them a chance to earn a living and provide the homeless with dignity. It can be structured with tax breaks for the business owner. The homeless may learn new skills that will make them more marketable and able to find work on their own.

  • Yes, the homeless should be able to get more work.

    Many cities in the United States have a homeless and housing affordability crisis. Many people are unable to find adequate work in order to afford a stable place to live. Therefore, a great number end up homeless through no fault of their own. A solution to this problem would be to provide the homeless with more opportunities for work. That way they could afford stable housing.

  • The homeless deserve more help

    The United States has reached a crisis point in terms of its homeless population. It seems that there are more individuals out on the streets than there are safe places for them to stay. Because of this, I think that we should give more work to homeless people: it lifts them out of poverty and helps them be productive members of society.

  • Yes, working to support themselves would give them back dignity

    The chance to participate in some gainful employment would give homeless people the chance to support themselves from their own toil. This is an incredibly empowering and confidence-building feeling. Of course, there would also need to be support for mental health issues and substance abuse which is rife amongst the homeless community and a guiding hand in finding a place to live, but work should be a key part of the rehabilitation of the homeless.

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