• Absolutely.And We Are.

    We are already taking space colonization seriously.NASA is creating tests to theorize what elements classify as non-habitable for humans.For example, if there is no oxygen, and also no water, we could create a machine to convert the original air to oxygen and water would have to be created from pre-existing hydrogen and the new oxygen produced from the machine.That's a relatively elementary summary example but the idea is there.If we discover how to travel beyond our galaxy,we will undoubtedly discover earth-like planets that we can inhabit(if not already inhabited;p).

  • Yes, in the long term the future of humanity relies on it.

    Yes we should consider space travel and colonization a vital part of the development of the human race. Global Warming is now widely regarded as science fact and the increasing population of the developing world means that we need to seriously consider exploring further into space, with the potential of colonizing or terraforming other planets if humankind is to survive.

  • The New Frontier

    Yes, we probably should be talking about space travel and colonization seriously. Humans have always looked to expand their horizons both for educational purposes and for practical living reasons. There is little space left on the Earth that has not been colonized. The seemingly endless needs of humans to colonize can only lead to greater strife on Earth. Why not expand to other planets?

  • We have to look to the future!

    Sooner rather than later we're going to have serious problems here on earth. Technology is increasing so quickly (as is the population of the planet) and sooner or later there won't be enough jobs to go around. What happens when that occurs will be pivotal in the growth of the human race. If we can set our sights on exploring instead of destruction, we may have a chance to survive even after we ruin this planet.

  • Not at this point

    Too many problems monitoring ourselves has led to NASA proving to be a waste of money for at least the last decade. We need to fix problems internally through bipartisan conversations before we go talking about planting flags and fighting in outer space. Spending needs to be put on hold in some federal departments, starting with NASA.

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