• It's only fair.

    Society has been running amok since the abolishment of capital punishment,new forensic procedures and dna analysis should ensure that no innocent person is wrongly accused and executed,the only exceptions to be made to sentencing should be accidental homicide,aiding in euthanasia and mental health grounds.Civilised society needs some form of discipline for extreme acts against its citizens health,well-being and security,the finance used for incarceration should be used for other more worthwhile endevours that help society such as social housing,womens refuges,youth activities,education etc.

  • Money is the biggest issue

    Yes, we should. There simply are people on this planet (mass-murderers, child rapists etc.) who are simply too dangerous to ever be released again. They will never reintegrate in society and keeping them in prisons for life costs a lot of money. Why should the tax-payer pay for a mass-murderers right to simply 'stay alive'?

  • Yes I believe we should (If it is severe enough)

    I believe that the death penalty would be a good thing to bring back if, if they were sentenced to life because then we would save money and resources rather than spend them on dead men it just makes no sense to me. This is why they had the death penalty back in the old days because it also saved a lot of time rather than going through all the proper regulation you could just hang the poor man.

  • I agree with capital punishment 100% with serial killers like ted bundy

    I agree with capital punishment but if we choose to keep them alive it could cost us roughly 80 million in our tax dollars and if we have them exicuted to death it could cost tax payers 200 million after they exhaust all of there apeals to the court but i rather see them die either way in lethel injection or gas chamber who cares if they are in a bit of pain when they die look at the people that they hurt .. Maybe we should just have the 3 strikes and your out rule for fedrel inmates in our prisons for life and that goes for fedrel crimes like rape murder child porn exc .. Have a good night sleep

  • Time for action

    Lets look at facts here. People take a life lightly, people carry knives, for what, intent. We now live in a society that has no respect for lives. The DP would reduce this way of thinking, if not, stop it. We need to bring it back, even as a deterent for wanting to kill someone, it would dramatically reduce unlawful deaths on our streets and homes.

  • Too lessen the numbers of criminals,

    The death penalty should be bring back.To lessen the numbers of criminals and crimes.Because if the death penalty should be bring back the criminals should be scared to do crimes that is equivalent to their lives.And many will people will change themselves if they love their lives for them and for their families too.

  • We should bring it back

    If we do, the murderer won't kill again. It is also fair, if somebody has taken a life, they give a life. Their life. Plus, society has to pay to keep prisoners in jail, too, which is unfair. We should bring it back, not for all crime, but only severe crime and if there is enough evidence. If there isn't sufficient evidence for a death penalty, but enough for jail, then the person accused should go to jail. If there is enough for death, then they should have that.

  • A Life for a Life!

    Anyone who takes an innocent life should immediately forfeit their own right to live.

    Them spending years in jail in relative comfort at the taxpayer's expense or potentially even worse being released early for so-called 'Good Behaviour' is abhorent and an insult.

    So let's end this nonsense once and for all and terminate the lives of these 'scum'. All it needs is for the Government to give the population the right to vote on this issue and it would surely result in the capital punishment being re-introduced. After all it is us not politicians who suffer most at the hands of the low-life criminals who carry these crimes.

  • Would should bring it back

    We should bring back the death penalty, if people can have the guts to murder someone then they should be murdered as well. Like the saying "an eye for a eye".

    So my personal opinion is that the death penalty should be brought back to the uk.

    It would lower the murders in the UK

  • Would should bring it back

    We should bring back the death penalty, if people can have the guts to murder someone then they should be murdered as well. Like the saying "an eye for a eye".

    So my personal opinion is that the death penalty should be brought back to the uk.

    It would lower the murders in the UK

  • People could still have innocence in them!

    Some prisoners change in jail. Some judges will then sometimes go over their heads and do uncertain calls! When you end their lives they never have the chance to repent yet the Gospel message is forever one of forgiveness, of reconciliation, of committed charity toward all without exceptions. Even though it may seem that death is a just punishment for particularly brutal crimes, the USCCB posits that the Gospel advocates forgiveness for all sins and transgressions. With other forms of punishment available, the USCCB argues, capital punishment is not an effective cure for society's greatest ills and crimes. Furthermore, the USCCB concludes, prisoners can change and find redemption through ministry outreach, bible study, and prayer.

  • Lots of failures

    There are two main issues.
    - Money: while there are no fully accepted statistics for this issue, most researchers think that death penalty does not cost less than life imprisonment, see http://deathpenalty.Procon.Org/view.Answers.Php?QuestionID=001000
    - Eye for an eye: while this principle could theoretically work, many cases show that we can not determine the criminal. Even Wikipedia has an entire list about this (entitled Wrongful execution). There are also numerous cases where innocent people were sentenced to life imprisonment and later got free because of the wrong decision. You can bring back a person from prison to life, but not from death.

  • We know better

    Killing is wrong, and we can't justify killing someone by the sate and say its wrong.

    If you don't believe in murder them how can you support the death penalty.

    It does not save money either, it has been found that keeping someone in prison for life is cheaper than the process of the death penalty.

    Also you can never be 100% sure you have hanged the right person. There have been lots of people found to be innocent after they have already been executed. Even if they confess this does not prove they are guilty, people confess to crimes for a lot of reasons.

  • A noble Cause, but a failure of an end.

    Now what do I mean by this? Simply put, The ends of Reducing crime can be achieved in other ways that are much more practical, and as a whole, The amount of contributing factors to a crime is Beyond Huge. When we look to the facts of the potential for innocents to die, and the intentions(Of Which I base much of my discourse on, being a Kantian.) of the action show that the cost is too great for the product.

  • I do not agree

    I do not agree ya get me like it isn't necessary to kill mandem you don't know what their fam would go through bare stress an dat not good for their mentality init say no more ya boi is out cm14 all da way g good bye you man brap

  • In a Fallible Justice System, Innocent Victims Getting Murdered is a Real Possibility.

    If the death penalty were brought back, it could be able to legally murder innocent victims, not giving them a chance to prove themselves not guilty. Sure, real offenders might deserve it, but a life sentence is a more humane way to deal with these people; taking them out of the community where they can't hurt anyone, but do we really want to end another's life so surely? This is the other way, and accounts for the wrongly accused. The death penalty will kill more people than it saves.

  • How does this make you better than the prisoner?

    How does killing the prisoner make you any better than they are? You are also murdering a human being - in a way you are also letting them off easy by killing them rather than making them suffer life in a prison cell which is what they should do.
    This is my opinion only

  • We can't always be sure

    Sometimes people confess to being guilty just to put an end to the trials or if they a suicidal or struggling they may find prison a better place. Also, calling it the "death penalty" doesn't hide the fact that it is still murder, just allowed by the government. And when people see that the government is murdering, they might think it's okay. Just because you have authority, it doesn't make murdering an okay act. Even if they have committed a disgusting crime, they are humans, and deserve to suffer in a 'humane' way. It is prison, but it isn't murder.

  • It's legal MURDER!

    We tell people it's wrong to kill yet it seems the majority are encoraging it. WE ALL ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE! Everyone deserves a good life. We don't want to ruin more lives than absolutly nessasery. Remember there will always be MISTAKES in the justice system, MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE WOULD DIE!

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