• As long as we use the death penalty we should use the guillotine

    The guillotine is the fastest method causing death in about 13 seconds and in less than 2 the person falls into a coma so they don't feel anything.

    It would also be cheap to construct a guillotine and use it. There's virtually no chance of it failing like lethal injection or electrocution sometimes do.

    And if the inmate wants they can donate their organs.

  • Bring back the guillotine!

    Execution by electric chair and lethal injection are so expensive, not to mention that they have the highest fail rate. With the guillotine, it is almost impossible to fail. Also, it is super cheap to build, and it takes no work to reset; all you need to do is clean the blade. Also, unlike the lethal injection or electric chair, the guillotine protects organs for transplants, which is awesome! We have been using it for centuries, so why should we stop using it? People say, "Isis cuts people's heads off," but the point is that they use swords and use it for propaganda. The guillotine is not for propaganda; it is for the efficient way to kill mass rapists/murderers.

  • Guillotine was a quick and painless method of execution

    Properly implemented, the guillotine provided society with a quick and painless way to execute those whom society had deemed not worthy of life. In an age where electrocution and lethal injection have come under fire for being inhumane because they can be botched, it would seem that the guillotine with its 100% success rate and painless implementation is the perfect method for taking out captial punishment. I would posit that the public spectacle is what resulted in its use being discontinued rather than its effectiveness.

    Make the executions private.

  • Of course we should bring it back

    It's a for sure death, and it's quick and painless. Plus we could make it mechanical to the point where it dispossess of the body on its own. And then you have the fact that it can be used countless times. Bring it back and stop using our tax dollars on these stupid cocktails that cost so much and don't even work properly the first time. Oh and let's not forget that you won't need a genius to operate it, so that would cut out all the other expenses of these "doctors" that try and come up with formulas that don't work.

  • It's fast, effective and cheap.

    What more could you ask for? Assuming that the death penalty is here to stay, what are the downsides of a guillotine (other than a spot of mess)? Are there any other methods which are more humane? I don't think so . . . . (and fast, cheap and good quality are rarely seen together)

  • Words from a sevy.

    The death penalty is a three million dollar procedure that can take years to perform. Rapists, and murderers do not deserve the comfort of living in a cell. Today it costs thousands to keep them rotting in cell and the death penalty costs even more. If we took the painless and efficient way of using the guillotine, crime would disappear. Crime happens mostly because of lenience publicity towards those who committed the crime. Media is our largest enemy. With the guillotine people would be too scared to commit murder or rape because the karma is worse.

  • Bring back the guillotine now.

    The guillotine is the ultimate punishment for all criminals from bullies, rapist, racist, child molestors, sexist, people who commit domestic violence, twisted killers, animal abuse. All forms of sinister crimes. Some of these people will not change, that's vain hope. They need to see fate finally coming right at them.

  • We should not bring back the guillotine

    No, I do not think that it is a good idea to bring back the guillotine since it is cruel and unusual punishment. There is a reason why the guillotine is now banned and it has done virtually nothing to curb crime when it was implemented and using lethal injection is the only humane way to kill someone.

  • No, governments should not be murdering people, it is wrong and prone to accidents.

    If citizens cannot needlessly murder people, why can the government? Even if someone is accused of a heinous crime, there are many cases in which someone was wrongly accused. This is especially the case for minorities, because juries are often bigoted and biased against people different from them. In some cases the falsely accused are executed. Guillotines are an especially gruesome and savage way of executions.

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