Should we build an electric fence on the America-Mexico border?

  • Yes we should have an electrified fence

    Since where gonna build a wall anyways. An electrified fence would help stop people from scaling it.To those who say it may hurt some one or a child, that is not our concern.Just braving the harsh terrain to get here could hurt somone and that person or child should expect the concequences for such actions.Also it be on american soil and americans have a right to defend its border by any means nesessary.
    Personally I'd like border patrol to shoot and ask question later.A few unforunate deaths would scare off all the others but that would never happen.

  • What would happen if a child touched it? Who's going to pay for it?

    If it's a lethal fence and a child doesn't know what it is, what is going to happen? If it happened on the Mexican side, that could be enough to cause a war. Furthermore, who is going to pay for it? Most of our citizens do not pay their taxes. That would mean our nation's law abiding citizens would go broke.

  • Building an electric fence on the America Mexico border is a bad idea.

    Building an electric fence on the America Mexico border is a bad idea. When you build a fence, it is just a physical barrier to an extremely large problem. In order to control the immigration problem in America, you should provide a relatively easy and legal path for people to become citizens.

  • An electric fence would be a waste of money.

    An electric fence would be a huge waste of money. People could still find ways around it. It would require costly upkeep as well. One of the most simple ways around e problem would be to simply enter America as a guest or on a temp visa and just not leave. There are also tunnels and sewers.

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