• Yes we should

    I believe we need hydroelectric dams because it helps create more energy and also protects people from floods and people can use it to navigate the floods. This is also a good way to produce renewable energy. Another reason is that it does little to the environment. Thank YOU XD

  • Yes, it creates jobs and is clean

    Building more hydroelectric dams would be great for the economy and the environment. It employs many people, both in engineering and the construction industries. Also, this power is renewable and will not pollute the environment. It seems like it would be a good investment to build more hydroelectric dams around the country.

  • Yes, we should build more hydroelectric dams.

    Yes, we should build more hydroelectric dams. Hydroelectric dams provide pollution free energy. They cost more to build than gas powered dams, but they require less maintenance and the fuel is free. We need to do more things that will cause less pollution, no matter what it costs us as tax payers.

  • Green Sources of Energy

    Hydroelectric dams are green sources of energy that can provide clean power for millions of people. Dams provide lakes for fish and other river creatures to live. These lakes also provide entertainment and recreation for humans during warm months of the year. Hydroelectric power is an endless source of electricity as long as it keeps raining to fill up the lakes behind the dams.

  • Yes, we should build more.

    Building more hydroelectric dams will help lower energy cost. With how much oil and coal is beginning to cost, other sources of energy that are renewable are a very good alternative for the world. Hydroelectric is completely renewable making it a very good source of clean energy to use long into the future.

  • Yes we should.

    Yes. I believe that our country should build more hydroelectric dams. I think that it will be a great way to harness energy that is virtually infinite and do so at a low cost to our environment. We need to start looking into making more methods of producing green and renewable energy before we run out of fossil fuels.

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