Should we care about the safety of factory workers who make our clothes?

  • We should care about the safety of factory workers who make our clothes.

    We should care about the safety of factory workers who make our clothes. They should be taken care of because they are part of an employer that makes more than enough money to provide them with adequate working conditions. I think that we should take care of our factory workers.

  • We Should be Concerned about the Safety of Factory Workers

    Of course we should be concerned about the safety of factory workers making our clothes? What are we, monster? And if the building that an unsafe factory is housed in collapses or burns down? Who makes our clothes then? And we all know that buildings housing factories have caught fire or collapsed, even in this country.

  • Yes, we should care

    The people should care about what's going on in our country and mainly abroad. I don't want some kids sweat, blood and tears on my stuff. I think as a whole we should try and push these kinds of things out of our nation and globally, they are wrong on every level.

  • Factory workers should be cared for

    It is my opinion that the safety of garment factory workers is no less important than the safety of any other type of laborer in our nation. The people that work to make our clothing have had some negligent safety policies in the past century and more care has been and should be shown for their safety.

  • Yes, we should.

    We are all human being and I don't think anyone would want to be put in the situation of basically being a slave. We stopped this kind of injustice in our own country, we should stop supporting it in other countries. The conditions of these workers is much worse than most people know of.

  • I believe we should care about their health and safety, however, the Americans are not responsible.

    The government of the foreign country is responsible because they were the ones who let the factories be built in the first place. They are the ones that choose not to enforce labor laws. They are the ones who allow American companies to manufacture there. In fact, a lot of factory owners ask to work for American companies. This shows us that they want to give us something to take advantage of, and that we do not force it on them. It also shows that Americans are not actually the owners of the factories, so they are not responsible for the construction, electrical wiring, and labor in these factories.

  • I think we should care about their safety, but they're to blame for the situation they're in.

    It all goes back to the foreign governments that allowed the factories to be built in the first place and did not come up with any labor laws whatsoever. It is also the workers at fault for working for these companies. If there were no factories for these workers to be mistreated in, there would also be no injustice, there would be more American jobs, and there would be no big corporations that run the U.S. government.

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DebateWolf says2016-04-05T13:42:01.947
You all should make a debate for Donald Trump running for office!!