• Yes ON halloween

    Halloween gives kids the chance to show there creativity and imagination. It gives families time to spend together and laugh.It gives kids a break from other things. You can get exercise. It can be fun and relaxing for parents. You can get candy. You might make some new friends to walk with.

  • Halloween is basically fun and exciting.

    You need to have excitement for once in a while.
    You need to also celebrate this because in only comes once a year.
    Kids want candies. For some kids they don't get any candy each year.
    So Halloween is a good time for them to stock up on candy.

  • Halloween is the best experience ever

    Lots of people love Halloween because you can make connections to other people meet with other family's and celebrate together and ward off the scary ghosts of Halloween who wouldn't want to scare the ghosts off the evil and bad. Trick or treat family's giving out candy and sweats yum.

  • Halloween should be banned

    I think we should not because its all about candy to make money in shops and in games. What if there was someone who has a heart attack because of pranking. In christian celebrating halloween is hgre vliudfuhfdhg ufduhfdhvfkjd uifdgvudh hgvdlkfgv fhbflkdhv fgvlkcfhv hvxch hvckh vhclkx hcfiu ghvchjxdhc hdfhd ghfhgv

  • We should celebrate it

    Because its it only scary day in a year people should celebrate it its the day you can accually watch horor movies without permission and get free candy get scared.And go do some scary stuff with your friends its the only chance to dress up some thing you want. Its the day that you can prank who ever you want its the day you can spend time with your family and watch movies like night before halloween ,spooky buddies ,casper,hocus pocus and scooby-doo and the goblin king

  • Our Ancient Roots!

    I believe we should celebrate Halloween. This is because of the ancient roots of the holiday. The holiday has ancient Celtic roots (Samhain) that gives justification to the holiday being celebrated, as well as the trick or treating which comes from Medieval Britain. However the hooligans "pranking people" is downright obnoxious and should come to an end. The costumes can also be justified because of the Celtic roots again. It also gives America a huge influx of money, this helps aid business to shops and various stores. It can aid restaurants and other commercial sites or franchises. There are many other reasons why it should be celebrated but overall I believe it should be celebrated.

  • Yes we should definately !

    See , Judy Gold once said "halloween is the opportunity to be really creative" .People should always gain more and more knowledge. Celebrating halloween introduces us to new traditions and culture. Isnt it fun learning new things ? Yes of course it is ! It is fun learning new things ☺ i strongly support that halloween should be celebrated

  • It's not hurting anyone

    Some parents are concerned about their kids getting kidnapped or people poisoning the candy. The thing is, the "poison candy/razors in Apple's" stems from one incident where a man poisoned his kid for life insurance. One incident, many years ago, committed by a man who had serious issues. And if you're so worried about your children, either go with them or have them go with a group of their friends. There are so many people outside that it would be difficult to kidnap someone without anybody noticing.

  • Halloween should be celebrated

    I am in favor of celebrating Halloween. It has been celebrated for quite some time and is simply a fun and harmless part of American culture. The hysteria among a tiny segment of our population regarding Halloween is overblown. Take for example the issue of candy safety. There have only been TWO child deaths in history linked to unsafe candy, and even that was not caused by candy handed out from strangers, it was candy from other family members.

  • Yes Samhain should be celebrated

    I am a very big fan for Samhain (sow-in) . Granted I am not too fond of all the candy and the teenagers Dressing up in a t- shirt and saying they are what ever new pop star is famous that year. If you are going to take candy from me please at least make an effort.

  • What is the point?

    Really? Kids learn that candy is a reward for coming up to strangers. Also, scaring people and teenagers cause trouble. It's pointless. My birthday is on Halloweeen. I hate itso much. Maybe it's because of my christianity religion, maybe my parents have steered me towards hateing Halloween, but the more I think about it, I just cannot find a good reason to possible celebrate it. What is the result of this. Kids stay out late. You may argue it's fun. W

  • No we shouldn't

    Halloween is basically the opposite of Christmas. Christmas is a holiday celebrating the birth of the king Jesus Christ and we exchange gifts and gather happily. Halloween is celebrating demons, and do you want to do that? There are 2 things to halloween: Trick or Treat. Trick is that you don't get what you are looking for and experience trickery through pain. Treat is going door-door asking strangers for sweets. Do we really want that?

  • It definitely sucks!!!

    This is a waste of time because you get cold and toads sill be hopping around. You will get diabetes type two with all the candy you get. If you don't want to end up in the hospital don't do halloween but if you do go and do halloween.


  • It isn't safe

    We have always been taught to stay away, don't talk to strangers. Remember how we've always been told, "never take candy from a stranger."? This holiday is encouraging the exact opposite. Halloween is all about dressing up in costumes and walking door to door, asking people who you've never talked to before, for candy. The danger in this is obvious in itself: accepting [potentially harmful] candy from people we don't know, dressing up in costumes so we can't be recognized (what if there's a serial killer behind that door or behind that mask?), and the most obvious of them all: it's at frickin night. There is absolutely nothing safe about that.

  • Halloween should be banned

    I think we should not because its all about candy to make money in shops and in games. What if there was someone who has a heart attack because of pranking. In christian celebrating halloween is hgre vliudfuhfdhg ufduhfdhvfkjd uifdgvudh hgvdlkfgv fhbflkdhv fgvlkcfhv hvxch hvckh vhclkx hcfiu ghvchjxdhc hdfhd ghfhgv

  • Hooray for Glorious Death

    Death, while a natural stage of life, is the cause for much pain and suffering for humanity. Why on earth should people decorate their yards like graveyards and hang skeletons around the house? Death is something that demands respect and Halloween makes a mockery of it. It is just another excuse to party or make mischief.

  • It is not part of our culture

    Halloween was a Celtic tradition passed on to Christianity. From then on it has been celebrated. However nowadays the modern apparition of Halloween is vastly different to how it was celebrated even twenty years ago. It has now become a bastion of modern corporatism imported from the US designed to rot our minds and destroy any sense of self identity.

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