Should we do more about head collisions in football?

  • They are very dangerous.

    While football is a very fun sport to participate in and to watch, it is very dangerous. Head collisons are extremely dangerous and can give people concussions or even worse, lead to worse injuries. We should do more in order to ensure that these accidents dont happen and prevent them.

  • They cant help it

    I think it is really stupid that some people are like ban football because the sport is killing people and this and that but if you really think about it you just cant help it. Yes people get hurt or die, but they made that happen because they signed the paper teller them what might happen to then

  • Can't prevent head collisions in football

    I don't think there's a feasible way to prevent head collisions in football without ending football entirely. Also, putting a lot of time, research, fines and rules for players to tackle in football such that they avoid the head area of the opponent will only result in other severe injuries. Many defensive players have stated that the rules for hitting offensive players on the head have forced defenses to aim lower toward the knees and legs; this will ultimately drop the number of head injuries but will increase the number of ACL, MCL and other foot-related injuries. Furthermore, the rules that have been created to protect the players with concussions have not done much to decrease the number of concussions in this year. You see more and more players sidelined with head injuries and lose a week or two in the season to recover.

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