• Yes, by having more money they're paying less to the government proving that they don't need their assistance and further proving that people on welfare are on it for a reason.

    Everyone can deduct things from their taxes, but do you know the difference between being eligible to deduct things and making enough money to actually take those deductions? Being eligible and then having enough income or expenses to actually utilize them is something completely different.
    Most poor people take the standard deduction rather than the itemized deductions as the standard deduction is higher.
    Good luck beating the standard deduction without crazy medical debt, owning property/home, etc.

  • Drug testing should be required of all income brackets

    The rich in our society have gotten away with a lot, most significantly tax breaks that allow them to keep even more of their income...which only increases the gap between the classes. The rich shouldn't keep getting away with these things, and drug testing should be part of this. Let's test everyone about their drug use, instead of profiling only lower-class individuals.

  • If we drug test, test all.

    There has been the suggestion that we drug test everybody on welfare. Well with that sentiment why not drug test everybody who receives benefits, no matter how big or small. The fact of the matter is, that most of the people in the U.S. are on some kind of drug, whether it is legal or illegal. If we drug test one group, we need to drug test all.

  • No, we should not drug test the rich before granting their tax deductions.

    Every taxpayer is entitled to take the same legal tax deductions just like everyone else, regardless of his income. Wealthy Americans should not be subjected to drug test before claiming their tax deductions. A better solution would be to reform the tax code; close loopholes that benefit wealthy Americans; making the tax laws more equitable to everyone. In short, drug testing the rich before allowing their deductions does not make any sense.

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