• We should definitely eat meat

    Because it is the biggest provider of food and protein, our ancestors lived on almost nothing but meat. We can't live without meat and if we tried we just wouldn't get enough protein from the alternatives to meat. Protein is useful because it supports muscle growth and you need a lot to help muscle growth.

  • Yes, People Should Eat Meat

    People should eat meat if they so desire. Whether or not a person consumes meat should be a personal choice. Given recent studies and outbreaks that have shown that eating meat may not be the healthiest choice for one to consume, it would seem that eating meat may not be 100% safe. However, nothing is 100% safe, life is short, and tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. Therefore, people should eat meat if it brings them pleasure. Smart people should just be careful about how much meat they consume and cognizant of their meat sources.

  • Meat is good

    Fuck the pussy anti bullshit facts meat is meat and it tastes good. SO for all the anti meat people. It's in our food pyramid. So all in all meat is good and should be eaten. Who cares if we have to kill some cows for our food. Eating meat helps control animal populations. So keep calm and eat meat.

  • We do need meat

    Because meat provides protein which helps our muscles improve. Meat is some people's favorite foods like for me I like bacon. Vegetarians don't have to eat meat but we don't have to stop eating meat. Some meat, like sushi can include vegetables. Some people might be allergic to meat even though it is healthy for us. Meat is the cure for vegetarians.

  • OF course we need protein

    Meat is part of a balanced diet. Don't listen to the people who say no. Vegetarian meals like tofurkey contains many chemicals that make it taste like meat. Real meat has more protein and helps us live. We are like carnivores. It is part of surviving. We kill to survive we cant use vegetables as energy but it doesn't mean you have to eat meat all day. Vegetables are still part of a balanced diet so Make sure you eat both meat, vegetables, fruit, and other protein food. So killing is necessary

  • Yes, we should eat meat.

    Humans should eat meat because it is a part of our diet. It is the easiest and most natural way to get protein. If you want to put those protein shakes in your body, go right ahead. Meat tastes great and is a great way to get protein. As long as you don't eat too much red meat, you will be fine!

  • Humans Have Been Omnivores for Millenia

    Humans have been omnivores since we were cavemen. Humans should eat meat as part of the highest-level predator system on Earth. Eating meat helps control animal populations, allows humans to survive in harsh conditions and is simply a part of who we are. Eating meat is a choice, but humans, as part of a natural ecosystem, should eat meat in addition to plant material.

  • We should eat meat

    We should eat meat because it is very healthy for you. If you are a vegetarian you do not have to. But it being against the law, that is ridiculous. I say we should eat meat every day, it doesn't matter what time of meat it is. You should always eat meat it is the best thing in the world. That is why we should eat meat

  • Yes, it is healthy.

    Yes, we should eat meat, because it is good for you. Meat contains protein that our bodies use to become stronger. Protein contains a lot of energy. It is also natural for humans to hunt animals and eat them. God said in the Bible that it is okay to eat any kind of meat that is available in the meat market.

  • Would an animal stop?

    Many people say that people shouldn't eat meat because it is unfair for the animal, they say that the animal's life is just as important as yours. Although the animal rights people say this would an animal stop itself? If you were in a jungle and saw a lion, you would run. Why is that? In fear of being hurt killed and eaten. A lion wouldn't stop itself it would simply kill you, take you home and eat you. If animals wont treat you with the same respect we are willing to treat animals with why shouldn't we eat them? They will eat us so it is exactly the same as us eating them. Lions eat Giselle's, we eat chickens its the exactly the same incident but in different situations. Animals eat animals wherever you choose to go.

  • Animals Have Feelings Too

    Humans should not eat meat. We do not need to kill a defenseless animal to get protein so why should we. Beans, eggs, ad peanut butter are other ways to get a good source of protein that do not involve killing. The next time you are tearing into a steak, think about the cow it came from and it might not taste as good.

  • Meat is murder

    Just think about it, eating meant is like eating a live chicken. If there was a chicken right next to you that was living you would eat it. I know that because if you are eating a dead chicken it is the same thing. Imagine if cows went around the world eating humans. You would say that is bad but it is the same as eating a human, Meat is murder. I don't think you know this but if you become a vegetarian you can save 7 animals lives a year. I used to be a meat lover but i have put myself on a no meat diet because I am not a murderer

  • Humans are to cruel

    I mean seriously its one thing to go out and kill you're own live beings, but to put another species (ANY species) and say that it is below you and is not equal, is cruel and very nasty. WE as humans don't need meat in fact it actually hurts our body more than helps. Not to mention the meat industry is a very cruel human invention that must be stopped i for one have been vegetarian my whole life and i just turned vegan three moths ago IM 12 YEARS OLD we are the product of a billion something years of evolution ACT LIKE IT

  • Taxing the Enviroment

    At the rate we are going there will be no tomorrow whether or not meat eating is a "personal choice" actually affects all people. If you have ever thought how the meat is being produced, an huge amount of resources are being used taxing the environment where we all are a part off. It starts with the individual buying the meat, if your buying the meat you are supporting the industry which in turn affects us all because meat producing is a huge industry and they profit off your money, the consumers, and who are the consumers? We are..

  • We are not by nature carnivorous

    We are not by nature carnivorous, we don't have the inbuilt desire to slaughter an animal and consume it completely including the brains, guts, eyeballs, everything. We can get everything we need to thrive from plants, legumes and grains and what's more it is healthier to live that way. The meat and dairy industry is out of control, it is driven by profit and not the need to feed people. If you truly believe it is good to eat meat then I urge you to research your food, buy from local organic farm shops if you can. I still can't understand why anyone would want to put dead flesh and muscle in their mouths. So I give you a resounding no.

  • No, we should NOT eat meat.

    We shouldn't eat meat because its not safe. We don't know where the animals have and haven't been. We don't know what they have or haven't done or what they've been injected with. They could be diseased or in unhealthy and unsafe conditions. They could have been painfully killed or killed using gas or poison which could kills us as well.
    So is it even safe?

  • Think of Nature

    Think about it. We can still use animals for many of their other products but slaughtering them for the world is inefficient. They use land which could be useful to the world for other things. Fatty meats give you high cholesterol which is very unhealthy. Meat can be substituted for other things so easily.

  • We don't need to

    We don't need to eat meat anymore. There are plenty of alternatives, such as morning star. Morning Star taste the exact same as meat. Also you have a 50% chance of a heart attack if you eat meat however, if you're a vegetarian you only have a 15% chance. If you need meat why not eat a dog, many people do already. So why are dogs different than cows or chickens? If you like pork you might like the taste of humans. According to cannibals people taste exactly like pork. But you're not going to eat a dog or a person, why? They have nutritions you need. In fact, human meat has all the nutritional you need. Why are some animals more important?

  • Don't eat meat

    Killing animals to eat just for the taste is wrong.
    We are not carnivores we don’t crave the raw
    flesh of an animal when we see road kill our
    hands are designed to gather seeds and nuts
    and pick fruits we should stop eating meat and
    eat food that adam and eve ate in the garden of eden.
    If you put a lamb and a banana in a room with a
    baby you will notice which one the baby eats

  • Dead Animal Flesh and Bovine Lactation Fluid

    Let's not use euphemisms anymore. Meat is dead animal flesh and dairy is processed bovine lactation fluid. Sound appetizing? I think not. We artificially inseminate animals so we can kill and eat them. We are ruining our environment and our health. Please choose ignorance to justify their selfishness. We don't need meat or dairy.

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