Should we encourage the belief that kids have in Santa Claus?

  • Magic Of Christmas

    The belief that Santa Claus really exists, always gives Christmas that extra little bit of magic for me, and yet even if we know he isn't real, well it's still nice to think that he is, considering so much of Christmas revolves around the idea of "the man himself" nowadays

  • Do you like the Idea of some faiths boycotting Halloween?

    I believe that a kid needs to be a kid. I believe that a kid needs to believe in a little magic. I think it is harmless fun for the parents as well as the children.
    I grew up with Santa Clause, The Tooth-Fairy and the The Easter Bunny and I turned out just fine. I thoroughly enjoyed the wide-eyed excitement of my children at Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.
    I enjoyed being able to make their wishes come true as best as I could and I think it taught them how to handle disappointment when I couldn't . When they asked ME why Santa didn't bring them everything they wanted...I just explained that if they had everything they asked for ....What would there be to work towards? What would be left for them to dream about?
    I don't think its about lying or deceiving...I think it's about teaching life lessons on a level they can understand.

  • Kids should believe in Santa

    Yes, I think that a belief in Santa Claus for kids is nice and healthy. Believing in something like Santa that cannot be seen or touched helps kids develop their imaginations, and gets them all excited for the Christmas season. All kids should look forward to getting presents from Santa even if he's not real.

  • Santa helps children that are too young to understand about Jesus be exited about Christmas.

    Yes, at some point you will need to tell your kids Santa isn't real. You say it's lying? What about superman? Batman? Are comic books a lie? Creators of TV shows.. Are they lying? NO! They're trying to encourage fantasy and imagination. Santa also encourages generosity because he doesn't take things for himself. He makes kids happy, and exited when the go to bed Christmas Eve.

  • Santa Teaches Generosity

    "There is a huge difference between telling your child an untruth and allowing them to believe in the magic and mystery of the holidays." -Karri-Leigh Mastrangelo

    This quote that best supports my argument, giving credit to the one who put it as simply as possible.
    Teaching your children the story of Jesus is vital in my opinion.. When it comes to raising your children down the path God would have us take. But the two are separate and should be taught separately. Santa is the teaching of compassion, giving to those in need, generosity. It is morally beneficial and exciting for our children. What does the easter bunny have to do with the true meaning of the easter sunday that Jesus rose.. Absolutely nothing. But it is still fun and precious to share EXTRA memories with our children other than drilling the hard core truth of the world and shoving religion down their throats. There is no right or wrong answer, but as a mother of three.. My question to you is.. Why do youb blame trust issues??????
    "Even the youngest children know that pretending and imagining are different from reality." Alison Gopnik

  • Magic of Christmas Brings Out Kid in all of Us

    Belief in Santa Claus is a magical experience. What started as a poem turned into a worldwide phenomenon of a jolly old elf dressed in a suit. How Santa gets down the chimney, flies on a sled pulled by reindeer and delivers gifts under a tree is a fun story. Eventually, kids realize Santa isn't real. But while they are young, parents should revel in the magic of the holiday season.

  • Harmless Fun

    Children believe in all kinds of ridiculous things when they are young. They grow out of these beliefs, but the things they once believed in remain as fond memories. For example, look at how many Christmas movies are made from the perspective that Santa Claus is indeed real. We should always teach our kids to think rationally, but not deprive them of all the fun whimsy of childhood while doing so.

  • I'd like credit for making my kids happy

    Every year, toys and gadgets get more and more expensive and my pockets are supposed to get deeper and deeper as the promises that Santa to bring to my children what ever they desire is fed to them by the public. What happens when I have to tell my child that Santa can't make an iPad for them but can for another boys family? What about when I put someone else in those shoes? I believe that my child should learn the value of things and learn to appreciate working and earning more than receiving from a factitious man at the north pole.

  • Lying only endorses Lying

    When parents lie to their children, it only endorses lying. Children are products of their environment and at a very young age they are easily influenced and believe what their parents tell them. As they grow older and begin to find out the "truth" of things, the disappointment and feeling of being deceived can also make them question a parent's reliability. On a separate note, if a parent wants to give his child a gift, which he normally has to work hard for or make sacrifices to obtain, why would he want all the credit to go to a superficial, imaginary being?

  • Reality Check

    Many people will say that childhood is fleeting, and parents should help their children develop a strong sense of imagination. Belief in Santa Claus is indeed fun, wholesome family tradition, but should always be done with a sense of the absurd, not of the truth. If a child chooses to believe in Santa Claus, fine, but parents should not go out of their way to force the issue or feed it becomes an unhealthy immaturity.

  • Santa Claus Misdirects the True Focus of Christmas

    I think that pretending Santa Claus is real sends the wrong message about Christmas. For one thing, Christmas is about CHRIST. It is a religious holiday and, although it is celebrated secularly as well, Santa's popularity may detract from the spiritual aspect. It also may lead to confusion about generosity- gifts require money and/or effort, and should be given out of care for another person. Santa gives the impression that anything can be given or received in a magical way that doesn't require a personal relationship or all that much effort. Santa should be used as a parable, an example of a well-loved person who enjoys giving to others. But lying isn't needed to achieve this. It can be explained that he isn't real but that his joy in helping others (which embodies Christ's generosity and love for us) is what we should strive for.

  • Liar liar liar

    By telling our children that Santa is real, we are actually ling to them.
    This indirectly justifies lying to them.
    Also, think about how heartbroken children would be when they find out that Santa is not real?
    Will they be able to trust their parents again?
    Therefore we shouldn't tell children that Santa is real

  • Liar liar liar

    By telling our children that Santa is real, we are actually ling to them.
    This indirectly justifies lying to them.
    Also, think about how heartbroken children would be when they find out that Santa is not real?
    Will they be able to trust their parents again?
    Therefore we shouldn't tell children that Santa is real.

  • No, its not right !

    Letting a child believe in something is not right. If you are an adult and you buy a child a gift but you put Santa on it? Its not right. You should want your child to know that you spent you hard earned money on that gift. But instead, you let your child believe that it came from a fat old man that doesn't exist.

  • It is not fair

    We are lying to them. We are encourage them to desire things they don't really want. I want my children to be good because they are, not because they can get presents. I don't know why we keep doing it in such a way. Our children can be happy without all the lying

  • 17 year old view

    No i don't think you should encourage Santa Claus, Christmas is about Jesus Christ not some guy who delivers presents on flying deers, and besides have you seen the prices on toys now and days, every year my niece or nephew what something bigger and more expensive, my 8 year old niece wants Santa clause to get her a cell phone cause my sister wont get her one.

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