• It's necessary, unfortuantely.

    Animal testing is unfortunately necessary to determine if certain medicines and other treatments are safe for human use. As such, it pretty much has to continue. However, it should always be carried out responsibly, and steps should be taken to minimize the suffering of the animals involved. For example, if tests on a cell culture or on a dead animal will suffice, then a live animal should not be subjected to the experimentation simply because it might be more convenient.

  • We should experiment on animals.

    We should experiment on animals. However, experimenting on animals should be taken seriously and only done when necessary. Because certain ,mammals brains and bodies closely reflect humans, experimenting on animals can help create new treatments and even potentially cure some diseases. In these situations where the potential gains are greater than the loss, we should experiment on animals.

  • These animals are used for cures

    I know that these animal go through pain but lab scientist try their very best to cause as little pain as possible. There minimum pain is used to help make treatments and cures across the world. For Ex: cancer, polio and much more most useful vaccines are made through this testing.

  • It is heartless, cruel, and dark, but we need it (we test for animals too you know)

    Animals are a tool, unfortunately. We use the animals in order to learn more about them, and see if this drug works or not. Some of this testing is for other animals as well, it inst just for humans, its for animals too, we test to find cures for their diseases just like ours .

  • Sadly, yes we should

    Well they do have a happy life before and scientists try their best not to hurt them. Besides, if they do die it might save millions - you would give your life to save everyone else, so why cant they? In conclusion we should definitely experiment on them. Its their life or ours.


    The U.S. Gov. created AWA and other policies to protect the animals. Also, many drugs and cures for disease have been found THROUGH animal testing. People could die if we stopped now. Also, about 95 percent of the animals are rats/mice. Why do you want to protect them so much? Researchers are trying to HELP you!

  • Animal tests save human lives.

    It would be unethical to cause any animal undue suffering,but the key word is undue. People are more important than animals. If it would save a human life, or even significantly reduce human suffering, it is worth the lives of any number of dogs or rats. Animal tests are often cheaper and more accurate than culture or computer model testing, allowing more possibilitys to be investigated, which saves human lives. Thus, not only is animal testing ethical, but to ban it would be highly UNethical.

  • Human or Animal?

    We have a life too. Our knowledge of medicine and science is important to treat diseases. If it didn't use animals to experiment we might have not found treatments. I counter-argue SophieC with unreliable because whats more expensive and possible: Getting a human to risk life or getting and animal to risk life? These tests could also be helpful to the animal AND humans. You must look at both sides.

  • I know it's cruel.

    We shall do it for knowledge. Without it, we wouldn't progress, we would be ignorant. Don't say that you care too much with the animal if you yourself doesn't care about your co-human? Well if you hear someone die you'll just be like, "Oh okay." What more if you see an animal die? You wouldn't even care. ((not all people ok))

  • Sad, but necessary

    If a murderer had your loved family member tied to an electric chair, and 10,000 mice in a bucket ready to be dumped onto a bed of fire, who would you save? Wouldn't you make the sacrifice to save your loved one? As sad as animal sacrifice is it is needed to keep many people alive. Imagine if that person was you or someone you cared about? Wouldn't it be worth it?

  • Hello they feel pain too!!!!!

    Why are we even asking this question? Here are three reasons we shouldn't experiment on animals.
    1.They can feel pain too.
    Ever wonder why a dog yelps if you pull his or her hair? This is Obvious it HURTS. Some experiments can be very painful.
    2. Medicines and things aren't gong to have the same effect on us as they do on animals. There are a good many things that say not to be used on pet but we can use them.
    3. Animals have a sense of fear.Most dogs are scared of something and a big thing is needles. How many needles are used for experimenting.. ALOT

  • Animals should have a choice just like we do.

    You can choose if you want to be studied for a new cure, so why can't animals do it too? We force animals to be experimented for our own selfish benefits not theirs. Many people say,"animals are here for humans to use. If we have to sacrifice 100,000 animals in the hope of benefiting one child, it's worth it." Well if experimenting on one intellectually-disabled person could benefit 1,000 children, would we do it?

  • No it's cruelty with a big 'C'.

    Animal testing leads to the suffering and death of millions of animals around the world per year. In 1981 NIH funding studying neurological trauma decided to sever monkeys nerves as an experiment. This lead to severe brain damage or in worse cases death. Don't let your furry friends die like this. This is why I say "no!"

  • We shouldn't test on animals

    its true that there are human subjects to be tested on. they know the risks of the testing. those human subjects know that it might go wrong or have bad side effects. those people rather be tested on, than have animals be tested on and probably killed by the experiment.

  • No

    No I do not think we should experiment on animals. I know that in the past and present probably, many medical breakthroughs have been because of testing on animals. But today, I think there are enough human test subjects that would easily volunteer to be tested on. Animals do not have a say in it. One exception to animal testing would be if there is no harm to animal (watching their behaviors, etc).

  • If if matters so much to humans, why don't we experiment on humans?

    Humans only care about themselves, humans are literally the definition of a virus, humans have no compassion for those who are not their own species, if only we could possibly just use death row people, we don't care about them either, right? And anyways if we are so smart why don't we just use our brains to know if its safe, and lets not forget that if we test on a goat of some thing, here my answer, HUMANS ARE NOT GOATS, so what makes you think testing on something that isn't human is going to validate its safety, many animals are not like us at all.

  • Of course not!!!!

    Animals feel pain the way we do , so why should the innocent animals pay for something they haven't done , something they're not going to use and be tested on? Simple they shouldn't! Its bad ! We are mammals imagine if you were tested on like that you wouldn't like it would you? So STOP doing it

  • Its terrible bob

    Why would you do that its terrible you kill the baby's bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad

  • Animals should not be experimented on!

    Scientists may argue that experimenting on the animal with a drug first, it will help them with their product. If they tried their product on a human and it didn't work, their company will be sued. So, experimenting on the animal will help their company enhance. Although it can help the company, it hurts the animal. The animal’s rights will be taken away because they will be put in bad conditions. The animals will also be forced to do things while another animal of the same species could be living in a safe habitat, eating enough food, and not being experimented on. Sometimes people care more about themselves than other animals. Most animals are being killed in experiments for profit. Therefore scientists shouldn’t experiment on animals.

  • Every living thing is important!!!!!

    We are killing animals and if we keep doing this, they will go extinct. Animals have feelings and emotions and we are torturing them. We can experiment on something else. Every animal, even mice and rats have a roll to play in the economy. Use non-animal experimenting products to save the wild!

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