• Yes we should.

    A dictator is someone who thinks that they are above the law. A dictator can commit as many genocides as they wish and nobody can stop them (look at Saddam Hussein and the Halabja poison gas attack). If they have a nuclear weapon(s) then there is no way that other nations could intervene and stop the dictator. Kim Jong-un can commit as many genocides as he wished and if he would have the ability to launch nuclear weapons over long distance then Kim Jong-un knows nobody from outside North Korea can stop him. I do not wish sanctions to be imposed on North Korea or an invasion of North Korea. What I wish is for the world to take steps to PERSUADE the North Koreans to end their nuclear weapon ambitions. If there is no consistency here in the West when it comes to human rights then how can we persuade the North Koreans to drop their dreams of launching nuclear weapons over a long distance? The best way to motivate them is for every top Western leader to be sent to the International Criminal Court after they have finished their political career as a guarantee that they respect human rights. This will persuade the North Koreans that the west DOES respect human rights and will HOPEFULLY lead to better co-operation between the West and North Korea.

  • Yes, we should fear North Korea.

    North Korea has been doing "practice" bombs for many years. They are in a struggle for power and domination. Of course we should fear them. Can they defeat us? Very doubtful. We have strong armies and financial means to defeat them, but they still carry the bombs, and they have been pointing them at us.

  • Yes, we should not underestimate them.

    While North Korea has more than it's share of problems, we as a nation would be foolish to underestimate them and to not fear them at all. They are actively trying to craft nuclear weapons, and have made no qualms about destroying South Korea or we as a country, for sure.

  • North Korea Leader has nothing to loose.

    I think North Korea Leader is ready to fight. I don't think he will flight. He will stay fighting until all his country has been destroyed. So, he seems like he really doesn't' care how many lives he will take with him. We definitely should fear North Korea. South Korea has a lot of to loose. It is not worth it.

  • North Korea is nothing to worry about.

    I'm a South Korean, and lived in Korea all my life and I'm Safe. My dad and mum are safe. My grandparents are safe. So there's really nothing to worry about. They won't attack you. They just want nuclear weapons (for some odd reason) a a a a a a

  • History can and will repeat itself.

    Look at Pearl Harbor...We had warning signs of an immanent threat but felt that Japan wasn't a threat. The worst thing we can do as a nation, is push these threats aside. Look at the missile launches and the nuclear bombs being tested. Yes North Korea has a small military...I wouldn't put it past the immature leader of this country to take out as many people as he can. I pray it doesn't happen, but we need to be prepared in case it does.

  • Why should we be afraid of them? Well, the whole country is ready to sacrifice their lives for their country, and they have nukes.

    First of all, they've got nukes. I know people on the internet makes jokes about their nukes, but it's true: they have nukes, and some may even reach the US. Second of all, they've got a huge army. Although their navy is small compared to the US, their army is HUGE. And, they've got more in reserve. In conclusion, North Korea should be feared.

  • They do have nuclear weapons and a strong army.

    They have some form of nuclear weapons and haven't yet demonstrated the strength of them nor have they used more than a few. If today they still are making them they are going to be added to a stockpile which means they will be able to use them at there will they will have the first punch. They do have support from more rebellious countries and China says they are done with them but keep your friends close and your enemies closer who knows what they really do believe in behind the curtain. The armies of North Korea would have the ability to do damage to any force that tactically invaded. Although they are not, alone, strong enough to contend with the people that would attack they do have enough in them to do damage enough to where if we didn't think they were a threat then if and when they attack then it would be seen as purely arrogance. In that I do believe that they should be viewed as a threat and should hold fear.

  • I believe we should be worried.

    There is still a lot we don't know about North Korea. Do we really know what they are capable of? We can't predict what a country like North Korea is capable of. It's not a size of the army that wins a war it strategy. Also it's possible they have underestimated North Korean missiles.

  • Reluctantly, Yes we should

    Why? Well, for starters they aren't too friendly to people in the world except to China. If they open up a little then we could accomplish peace but for now, with the dictator in charge, we should stay alert and tell them to stop making missiles...That is just how I feel.

  • They are practically alone

    North Korea has no powerful allies anymore, seeing how China is now trying to reign this dictatorship in. The U.S., on the other hand have hundreds of allies, all with the intent on overthrowing the madman Kim. So although they have some weapons, North Korea should not be really feared.

  • North Korea is nothing to worry about.

    I'm a South Korean, and lived in Korea all my life and I'm Safe. My dad and mum are safe. My grandparents are safe. So there's really nothing to worry about. They won't attack you. They just want nuclear weapons (for some odd reason) a a a a a a

  • We have nothing to fear

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  • We is better

    North Korea is surrounded by electrical fences so people can't get in and out, so if we were to go to war with them they can't get their troops out in time. Their fighter planes are really old and aren't good for war. North Korea spends most of their G.D.P on their military which ranks their military 4th in the world. Our army is ranked number one so we have the advantage

  • They have weak everything

    North Korea does not have the economic funding to support them in a war. Their are outdated, and our more advanced fighter planes would destroy them. Our military is so much stronger than North Korea's, and the land space for America is so much great than north korea. Kim Jong Un has all his people literally trapped in north korea cause of deadly electric fences and their borders with other countries prevent them from leaving or getting in, so they couldnt deploy their troops out of their country fast enough for a war

  • Just poppin off fireworks.

    No fear but fear in the Lord. He's just doin what the rest of us would do with illegal fireworks. Popppin them off for fun. Some of us just cant afford the anymore. So sad. Just doin it cause he knows he can get away with it. The proper sanction is he can waste his aresenal all day but he should release that college student. Seriously, 15 years for stealing a banner of some sort. Seems the North should be rewarding him because they have the same problem following the rules.

  • They are a bunch of little girls

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  • No, we shouldn't worry

    We should be more worried about how they are handling themselves then handling us. They have a weak military, not much funds, and their only ally isn't gonna help them fight us. They have no human rights, so I think we should be a little more worried about the poor people in Korea then ourselves. Like someone else said, thier children are taught to hate Americans, and that's worse then a fake threat

  • They're not a serious threat.

    North Korea is a psychotic dictatorship -- actually, more of a monarchy cloaking itself in the robes of Communism to appeal to its masses. Its ruling class doesn't want to destroy the world, because they know they'd be gone right along with it. It simply uses threats of attacks (which it has no technological capability to carry out) in order to scam more prosperous nations out of cash and food aid.

  • Korea's military is lacking.

    North Korea's military is not as advanced as ours, and this also adds to why they are testing and using nuclear missiles. If they were to attack us, we would wipe them off of the face of the planet. They receive all of their funds for equipment and weapons from China, which China is cutting of to prevent a nuclear attack.

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