Should we focus on and build more on English Medium Schools in India?

  • Of course what do you think !

    We should because very less people can't work in a another country because they haven't learnt English that's because that India as a very less population of English medium schools. And i'm not just saying that India is the only country to have a English medium school i mean every country that means the world wide world !!!

  • Why would this even be a question? Sweeten relations with a valuable trade partner, and get kids taught. Win-win!

    Britain may lose a few resources to do it. But to sweeten relations with India, who is after all a massive part of imports and exports, is a plus for Britain and of course the children taught in India. It's a basic human right to be taught as a child, and Britain doing it will get them international respect, and of course most importantly it gets the children a good teaching.

  • English is important

    English is the best language to connect and communicate with all people of any country who speak English,and English really important for development of economy of a country.So India need more English medium school.English is best and the nice language to express our inner feelings to all over world .

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