Should we focus upon social advancement over systematic improvement?

  • Yes, social advancement will lead to material progress

    Social advancement will lead to systemic improvement. When a society uses the skills of all its
    members to the fullest, that society will prosper. Social advancement will lead
    a nation to get the best from all its members, whether they be minority,
    female, or of minority beliefs. At the same time, those workers will reap the
    rewards of their hard work. Once the all the skills of a society are brought to
    bear, systemic improvement will be a matter of course.

  • Maybe I think so

    I think that we need to focus on ourselves for a while. We need to improve and advance as a people. I think that we should work on social advancement first. People need to be educated and taught to work hard and contribute to society. Then we need to work on improving our systems. Maybe they can be worked on at the same time.

  • Both are good - But systematic is more important.

    Social advancement and systematic improvements are both ways that can improve an individuals living standard. But social advancement is dependent on advancing through an hierarchy. As such it is an messy and indirect way of improving society. Systemic improvements can be applied on a grand scale and has a greater reach and can be implemented immediately.

  • Focused On Systematic Improvement

    I personally think that we should not focus upon social advancement over systematic improvement because systematic improvement is that individuals improved on the system that the individual was working on. I personally think that we should focus on systematic improvement because the system has improved over the few years which is great.

  • Systematic improvement leads to advancement.

    No, we should not focus on social advancement over systematic improvement, because if we go for systematic improvement, social advancement will happen on its own, naturally. Social advancement is the ends of a larger goal. It is not the thing to work on, because a social structure is something that results from good policies, it is not something that can be manufactured by itself.

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