• Obviously we need to!

    We need to fund NASA because we need new planets to live on once this planet goes bye-bye because of HOW MUCH WE ARE POLLUTING THIS PLANET!!! I mean seriously, what do you expect to happen in the next three or four centuries? I expect the world to either be polluted by then, or us finally realizing that to be a possibility and trying to counter pollution. More likely is the foremost, because we are ignorant creatures. If we lose Earth and NASA isn't funded enough for us to go to another planet like Mars, where is there to go? Nowhere. So we should fund NASA.


  • We should spend our money on something better.

    We should not fund NASA because there is no point in going any were else. We should spend our money on something better than mistakes that NASA is making. I do not understand the point in going to Mars because Mars is so hot that we could die. So just dont.

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