• Sexism is fear of power

    The history of women has been that of oppression. In older times, life was more than unfair for females. Women and Men both have the power to help this world. One fighting without the other is utterly useless. Women and Men fighting side by side changes everything. Men aren't the only useful gender.
    Although this society is idiotic. In this world stupidity is a growing disease. ''Gender roles'' as people call them are completely untrue. Women don't need to be in a kitchen, after all we have proven we are worthy of much more. No longer are we lesser objects than guitars. If a women decides not to cook for her husband then that is the man's problem, if he is hungry let him cook. And men can also stay home. There is nothing wrong with being a stay at home husband. We, as humans, walk blindly holding society's hand. But people should open their eyes and see that society is blind itself. There is no higher force telling you these lies about whom should be working and whom should be cooking. These things we get in our minds are the lies that we have been conditioned to think for hundreds of years. But the slaves are free, the jews are free. The reason sexism has not gone away is because it was brought to us by society and society consists of us, the people. If we say nothing, we should expect nothing. Speak out on this problem. That is why we have voices.

  • Sexism has no place in this world!

    It sucks and is a bunch of bull! The shackled days for women are over! We can do what we please and can be independent and get great jobs :) I love it. Sexist people need one big kick in the face to wake them up! Its 2014! Not the dark ages!! We belong wherever we please..

  • We're Almost There

    Sexism is the prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. For the most part, I feel as though this issue has been conquered in the United States. I think there are still many men who have issues dealing with it or are unaware that they hold these attitudes, but for the most part, I think it is gone.

  • Yes we should.

    We should get rid of sexism, for all genders not just the girls. There is times when a guy is the subject of sexism as well and it is important to recognize that fact and accept that it can happen to anyone that way we can work together to stop it.

  • Get rid of all "isms"!

    Of course we should get rid of sexism, just like we need to get rid of racism (which is still sadly prevalent). But the only way to do this is have an open discussion and dialogue about what sexism is and how we perpetuate it, often without knowing. Only then can we have a truly equal society.

  • Yes, i believe we should get rid of sexism.

    Yes, I believe we should get rid of sexism, because it is unfair, and there is simply no need for it. We have come to far in America for things like sexism to still be relevant. Woman should have the same rights as men, and vice versa. Sexism should be extinct.

  • We should get rid of sexism.

    We should get rid of sexism. I think we have all proved lately how equal we are from the office and to the battle field. It is time to put sexism behind us and look into the future and instead of looking down upon one sex or the other. It should not be an issue anymore.

  • Sexism is Awful, Should be Done Away with

    Yes, we should strive to do away with sexism. Sexism marginalizes almost fifty percent of the population, that is women, and this is a travesty. Men, women, intersexed people, transexuals, all of these types of people should be treated equally, as well as any other type of person that may be out there.

  • Yes we should!

    I know it's harder than it seems, but we SHOULD get rid of it! Society still has the "traditional gender roles" enforced, but things are CHANGING! Men and Women should do EQUAL jobs. Women in history were only seen as housewives, teachers, nurses, etc. More men today dominate those jobs! My own quote: "If a woman can be better at "men's" work, men dominate "women's" work!"

  • Sexism is Awful and Effects All Genders

    If you look at history, women have been oppressed for years, and sometimes men are too these days. The are misogynists and misandrists that hate one gender and some people are even sexist to their own gender! I think it's time to be honest about all genders and realize that everybody is freaking equal. Nobody needs 'extra power'. Those who want to be 'superior' and be better than someone should go get themselves a freaking life. Women can be sexist. Men can be sexist. Intersex people can be sexist. Intersex people can also be oppressed because of gender. Sometimes, there are some cases like biology that make one gender better at one thing and one gender better at another thing (I'm talking about natural things; not sweeping cooking, etc; things that have been around for at least a million years, like muscle strength, eyesight, self-control, telling colors apart from others), but that doesn't mean that that gender is better than the others. If that gender is on average better at that natural thing, then that still doesn't mean that one person of one gender is always worse than a person of another gender just because they are one gender, for example, in general, biologically, men are stronger than women, but it doesn't mean that a woman is always weaker than a man, stuff like that is general. If so, if someone is one gender it's not their fault that they were born that gender and that doesn't mean that they are 'inferior' to another gender. Anyways, those people who think that another gender wanting equal rights is sexist then they are sexist themselves. Also, just because one person of one gender does something horrible you can't oppress the whole gender! Plus, saying that someone is always a 'slut' or 'asshole' or 'gold digger' or whatever crap just because of their gender is bullshit. You can't judge off one person. Although, gender probably makes more of a difference between religion, ethnicity, race, etc. this argument can also go with all the prejudice! The simple definition of prejudice is judging someone before you even know them because of whatever factor or having 'superiority' and 'inferiority'. Those who think that there is always a 'superior' and 'inferior' should really wake up and get a dose of reality.

  • Sexism is perfectly valid.

    Sexism is perfectly all right. It is called freedom of expression. However, sexism should be restricted to the private sector, where a business can freely refuse service to anyone. Any business that refuses to serve or employ a specific group will soon find paying or talented members of that group around them and flounder to death. The problem solves itself!
    However, posting the rules about women being banned from the premises in a dedicated guys-only group (Hey, you have your women-only whinefests, or whatever you do. Let guys have our places that are infinitely cooler than yours because they're ours (For reference, that was elitism, not sexism)) is a very good idea, so women don't waste their time trying to get into our guys only clubhouse. You can get your own clubhouse, or join a co-ed one, and engage in your activities there. Not here.
    What's that? We invested in better facilities? You could too, but we're established enough that we did it forever ago. You'll have to build your own. Sorry for being here first.
    Behold the glass ceiling. That's evolutionary in nature, and it won't go away until we're sexless clones, because the biological clock is ticking...

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