• It is not only not in the constitution, it is not necessary.

    There is no clause of the constitution that states that the federal government should control education. By allowing them to control the curriculum, test scores have gone down and youth unemployment has gone up. Also the fact they take our tax dollars to yield no positive results. Lastly, Finland has a school system where the curriculum is based off of local needs. If what students learn is at a more local level, it will help the students find jobs that are needed in the state.

  • Not only should we get rid of the Department of Education, We should get rid of public schools.

    A human being is only born with three rights life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No where in there does the word education appear. Simply because we want an education doesn't me we have the right to it. Also the government (State or Federal) should not provide any product what so ever including; education, food, shelter, or even health care. All of these necessities or assets should be obtained by an individuals want, need, or desire. "If you don't work you don't work you don't eat". Saying so we should also get rid of; Public schools, medicare, medicaid, social security, WIC, and all other public government ran programs.!!!!!!

  • Get rid of this crap

    The DoED is trash. They except the pro ones test version is a great game app for the it price is not good a real thing job good game for to and it’s the best game I’ve played seen in the past year or a good great game for anyone that is

  • "My car isn't running right. Maybe I should just rip the engine out. That'll fix it!"

    Where would our future society learn to read and write? Maybe some Math? Science?

    Private voucher systems are great, in theory. Until you realize, someone has to manage that program. They don't just appear out of thin air. And what happens when the voucher doesn't cover the full price of any viable school? You end up sending your kids to the lowest bidder. 150 - 200 kids in a large room, planted in front of a screen, with one minimum wage hall monitor sitting there making sure the kids don't eat each other. Kid doesn't learn anything? Oh well, maybe his parents should have been richer.

    There OBVIOUSLY needs to be some massive changes in education. We should look to the countries that CONSISTENTLY do better than us in every measurable way in education, and model after that. Finland, who perennially scores in the top 1 or 2 in education, has the "Finnish National Agency for Education".

    Demolishing the DoEd will only lead to more problems.

  • Since the Founding of Our Nation

    Even before the Constitution of the United States was established, the Land Ordinance of 1785 and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 included responsibilities of the nation for an education system.

    Through federal action, education has been encouraged and financially supported from the first Northwest Ordinance in 1787 to the present. Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution granted Congress the power to lay and collect taxes to provide for the general welfare of the United States. It is under this “general welfare” clause that the federal government has assumed the power to initiate educational activity in its own right and to participate jointly with states, agencies and individuals in educational activities.

    As the nation grew, and more money was given to states for education, The Office of Education was established in 1867. The Second Morrill Act, in 1890, expanded the Office's duties. World War II led to a significant expansion of federal support for education: the Lanham Act of 1941 and the Impact Aid laws of 1950 led to still greater federal aid -- and ties -- to local schools.

    In 1958, Congress passed the National Defense Education Act (NDEA) , influencing curriculum. And then in 1965 the Elementary and Secondary Education Act launched a comprehensive set of programs including Title I program of federal aid to the disadvantaged.

    The constitutional authority and historical precedent establishes the work of the Dept of Ed. Were it abolished, do opponents suggest it return to the old Dept of Health, Education and Welfare?

    While there is room for debate, those calling for Education's abolition do so too often with no understanding of the Constitution, history, or goals of our Founding Fathers.

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