• It depends on the homeless person.

    I have seen homeless people fake a limp in order to obtain money. They walk into the street all decrepit, and when they get out of the street, they walk fine. I have a homeless women with needle marks on her arms from drugs. So the only homeless people worthy of anything, are the genuine homeless people who don't use the money for drugs/alcohol. Also, the majority of the given items should be food and clothing.

  • A very good question

    I'm glad to see this asked. I would say yes, you should give to them, but be deathly careful of what you do. Money will only make it worse for some of them. They need care, and it's a very delicate matter. They need to learn to get and hold a job and how to improve themselves. If you can't encourage either, then you should give them nothing but small amounts of (non-resell-able) food. Remember, "give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life."

  • Homeless deserve Love

    We should give to the homeless because I think they deserve love. It's true that there are a lot of scammers out there, pretending to be homeless, or using the money for drugs and alcohol. The Best thing to do is buy the homeless food or give them small amounts of money so they don't buy a lot of alcohol or drugs.

  • Food, clothes, shelter.

    Those three things should be given to the homeless. NOT money. Many people go on the streets and pretend to be homeless, even though they are just faking it. We should not give them money. If we offer them food or clothes, obviously that is not what they want. But the real homeless people do want it, so it gives to the homeless and does not to the fakers.

  • What have they done to deserve this?

    All these homeless people in the world didn't choose to be homeless. They ended up like this due to fate. They didn't want to be homeless. They would've liked to lead a normal life like all these people with jobs and homes and food. It's our duty to help each-other out and make sure we help all the people in need as much as we can. Some people don't care about homeless people but that shouldn't mean that we ignore them too. We need to show a sense of care and humanity because if all people thought like this we can actually make a difference and if people become influenced by others and help more people, the world could become a better place.

  • Definitely. Without doubt.

    Imagine yourself in their shoes... You're so desperate for money, food or warmth that you pretend to have a broken leg or are blind in one eye. Although giving them money may lead to them buying drugs or alcohol, there is an easy way of avoiding that by simply buying what they need for them. I don't think that if they have a mental disability or are an alcoholic is a good enough reason to not give money, get them help, they are human beings too. Being homeless is probably one hundred times harder than you think, if you try to legally sell something, people take one look at how you're unwashed and are wearing torn and dirty clothing and ignore you. Even when an honest street liver comes along they are generalised. To stereotype all homeless people as lying cheats is wrong. Not to mention how unexpected life is on the streets... People don't want to live on the streets, you don't choose a lifestyle on the streets the streets choose your lifestyle for you. It will introduce you to drugs, stealing and begging. And though I agree with none, its hard for them to live any other way. Us humans should help each other out, not turn a blind eye.

  • They are refuse:

    Homeless people tend to be homeless not by chance but by birthrite. What I mean by that is that many are somehow incapable of managing to function in society whether they be mentally ill, addled on drugs, or simply incapable of responsibility. While hard times to hit good men most of these men are not good and most of their "hard times" will return due to their inability.

    If you want to solve homelessness you don't give to the homeless you actually address the whole cause of the homelessness.

  • Where are your dollars used most effectively?

    1. Lets look at where the dollars go, they have to go somewhere. I believe that the better place to put your money is in a charity that has been researched and effectively distributes the cash for the same cause. The homeless on the street are able to take advantage of these programs only if we give to them. The homeless also have to want to take advantage of these programs. Also what about the homeless you do not see, women and children they usually do take advantage of these programs and are safer off the streets. Beer and wine to a alcoholic is not the best idea of charitable giving.

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