• Lessen friction within our own country

    By making war with Mexico the pro illegal supporters might shut up either that or go bat shit crazy justifying the war more and thereforemost getting themselves deported and the word minimum requirement here is ridiculous like I can't just make a simple 2 sentences at all here. Anyway I think there is more good than bad but that's just my opinion

  • With the state of Mexico? Absolutely

    Run by corruption. Bought and paid for by the cartels. Police bully and control the masses while taking bribes. Ordinary citizens beheaded for speaking out against the corruption.

    War would be quick, and allow the US to take control of the rich natural resources of the country, all the while providing freedom to the Mexican people, who have en mass exited the failing state.

    It is in the best interest for the American people and the Mexicans for a war to happen. It is not a show of force, but a show of mercy for an embattled people held under the throes of a tyrannical government.

  • War. With Mexico?

    What possible US interest could be served by attacking Mexico? Mexico is an ally of the United States and attacking them would signal to the world that we have completely lost our minds. We would gain nothing from an attack and every single country in the world would be justified in condemning such an action.

  • Mexico is a border country ally

    Warring with Mexico is pointless and could not succeed at getting them to do anything different. The US citizens are fed up with war and anymore involvement in wars, especially with a border country. War will just increase the number of illegal immigrants into this country and the Mexican drug cartels will just supply our troops with drugs, like in Viet Nam. Mexico is an ally we have to keep an eye on, not make war with.

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