• Better for environment, families, economy

    Working 32 hour per week would save on car pollution because there would less commuting. There would be more opportunity for other people to get into the job market and spread the wealth. Also more time to be with your family and spend money on leisure activities like exercise would both help the economy and help people to be less stressed.

  • Yes, We Should

    The five-day work week is an antiquated remnant of a bygone era. It has been shown time and time again that a four day work week is much healthier and better for workers as a whole. The extra day off allows for much more relaxation and enjoyment. More work can be done in one day as well.

  • Yes We Should

    American companies are notorious for overworking their employees. We don't get enough vacation time and barely spend any time with our families. In Europe, workers are legal required to have at least 4 weeks paid vacation. A 4 day work week could be a way to fight employee burnout and increase productivity.

  • It could work

    A four day work week would work well. In order to make up for the time, perhaps the individual days would need to be longer, but with three days worth of a break to look forward to, productivity would likely increase and people would be more relaxed due to the extra time off.

  • 10 hours is just too long

    Working for 10 hours could be more tiring and
    draining for employees. Opponents of the 10-by-four scheme fear that workers may not have the stamina, energy and mental will to endure the longer hours. For employees with children it may be difficult to locate adequate child care support. Okay. Alright

  • No Lowered Productivity

    No I do not believe that we should have a four day work week. Ten hour days are too long and people would lose their productivity. Also it would be very difficult for people with children as kids should not be be in daycare for that long of a period of time.

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