• I honestly couldn't care less

    If someone with gender dysphoria who's a trans woman wants to use the same restroom as me, go right ahead. If someone who's agender want's to use the same restroom as me, go right ahead. I honestly see absolutely no problem with allowing people like this to be a little more comfortable by using the restroom they prefer.

  • It doesnt matter.

    People can not see into the room while others are changing, so it does not matter what gender is allowed into the room. Most changing rooms are gender neutral by default regardless. People do not share changing rooms with strangers so I see no reason to have changing rooms be gender specific in the first place.

  • It stops confusion.

    I'm Natasha Bevis-Forrester, and I'm agender. I'm forced to change in a room with a gender that is not mine, and I feel very isolated. There aren't options like this for me. It would obviously be optional, so you don't have people complaining about the other gender seeing their body, but that really shouldn't be an issue.

  • Sex discrimination has no place in a rational society

    There's no logical argument to be made for the segregation of people based solely on their sex or body differences. Most anatomies are accommodated by the same facilities. If sexual assault of women is the main concern, this is also an issue of sex discrimination that sees women dehumanized as sex objects while men are encouraged to inflict violence on others.

  • Yes it does

    We need to have neutral changing rooms because our genders need privacy because what if we dont have diffrent changing rooms. Someone could do somthing with the girl if shes changing in the same room with men. That is why we should not have the sames changing roooms ok? OK

  • Why should it be an issue?

    First of all, its 2017. Why is it still an issue what people identify as? And really, should we even care as long as people feel comfortable in their own skin? Gender neutral changing rooms offer a safe place for anyone who is transitioning in the transgender process, or a place to change if they are not comfortable with getting changed with cisgender males or females. Even if someone don't identify as male or female, having the gender neutral option can offer a small form of comfort. Something as small as a safe, gender neutral place to change can make a big difference in feeling more comfortable in ones skin. Should it be an issue how someone chooses to label them self as long as they feel comfortable in who they are?

  • People who are non-binary should be respected.

    In our society, people are not purely "male" or "female". Gender is a spectrum so if there is only changing rooms allowed for "male" or "female" people, then we are casting aside valid members of our society. The disregard of those who don't identify with the binary is grossly transphobic. Although society as a whole has yet to regard transpeople as people, that is not a valid reason to continue the discrimination.

  • Gender is physical state of mind not an emotional one.

    This topic is an obvious no-no. If a male is with a female then her privacy is exposed. As well as, with a male. We are either male or female and what we are born with is who we are. An ditto to the guy above me as he makes a very good point you are raised with your physical gender not what you "feel" you are. You can keep your thoughts to yourself, instead of being outspoken if you are a tranny, or bi, or whatever mentally impaired gender, get help.

  • Change rooms are individual and have mirrors inside them

    I would never say that we should mandate this to businesses, but there is no reasonable reason why we couldn't have this. Just like bathrooms with stalls only, individual propriety would be maintained.

    Especially given that most change rooms are basically dead anyways...?

    Granted, I would make sure that they had closed tops and bottoms for simple privacy and peeking reasons.

  • Just make all of them gender neutral

    We can have a few privacy stalls, even with ceiling-to-floor doors which lock from the inside for those who are afraid of changing in public. The stalls could come with showers as well if the person is afraid of showering in public.

    Then anybody who feels uncomfortable changing in front of anyone else who may be there has a way to avoid that discomfort. And we save money not having to have 3 different changing rooms.

  • Female or male no other genders

    The idea that gender is a social construct is bullsh#t. You are born with a penis or a vagina. Agender people and transgender people are retarded, agenders ignore their penis/vagina and say it doesnt exists or mean anything.. And trans people think that their penis/vagaina doesnt matter, it is wrong. Btw im transSofa, im a couch on the week days and a potato on the weekends.

  • A simple solution.

    The issue is that so many people claim to identify as a gender their body does not match. Things were much simpler when gender male/female was defined by your body. Somewhere along the line, gender turned into a persons emotional state. I have a simple solution. Instead of using the terms that have changed (male/female or men/women) we use the condition that has remained static (penis/no penis). This way, you won't run into any genital body part that you don't already have. If we just change the words on the door from something that has become so vague to something static, problem solved.

    Personally, I think this whole "gender identification" is a sham. Some people probably think they don't stand out enough so not only want to claim a difference but expect others to accept it.
    Look, I am physically a white male. Could I claim to "identify" as being black? Of course not. What if I liked having an afro or wearing a dashiki. I doubt you would still accept a claim to identify as black. What if I claimed that I have been oppressed or looked down upon. Guessing the answer would still be "No". That is obviously because I can't identify with something that I have no experience actually being no matter what mental state or fashion choice I have. I guess if I was part African decent, and not only looked the part but raised it as well, then I could identify as being black. Thing is, what experience do people who claim to be of another gender have with actually being that gender? Could someone who's physically male share their experience in being female? Do they know what it's like to menstruate? Do they actually know what it is like to go through female puberty? Of course not. Fact is, the have no actual experience in being a real female. They can only guess at the experience and use female stereotypes as a guide. Ever notice how drag queens tend to overly exaggerate anything stereotype women have? It's like they are trying to compensate for their physical gender difference.

  • Why is this even a question

    Youre either a dude or a chick, there is no such thing as gender neutral and if you have a certain sex chromosome then you are that gender and if you think you are anything else than that, then you should be treated as a mental disorder patient.... Disappointing Creeps

  • Why is this even discussed?

    If anyone would enlighten me, I'd love to hear it, but as far as I know, I've never heard of a changing room that's NOT gender neutral. Has there ever been one conformed to men or women specifically? If you're talking about bathrooms, it would be hell to have them "gender neutral", but if this is to keep them in use, then yes, I think they should be. Right now, it's not much of a problem.

  • Just use curtains.

    Seriously, use the stall of the restroom or curtains that are provided with bathrooms inside those changing rooms. If there isn't go and find the restroom and change there. If you have a gender identity change it's your fault for doing such, and you need to suffer the consequences of such actions.

    Us people who have not changed genders still suffer with things in the changing rooms as well.

  • Are you messed up in the head?

    Why do they need things special do what every body else does and you should use regular things like every thing else just because you are a special snowflake doesn't mean we are. You should try to stop making a big deal out of this and shut up. This is messed up.

  • Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

    For all previous years, there have been only two genders: male and female. All these "genders" now, are all made up by people who are insecure with themselves. Therefore, creating a gender equal bathroom would create confusion and even more insecurity amongst all. Pretty soon LGBTQ will turn into the ABC's and there is no way we can create that many bathrooms.

  • This is mean

    Guys this is very mean to trasgeder people. I know because i am one. *sniff* i identify as a apache helicopter people make fun of me every day because im diffrent. I tryed to commit suicide 2 times all ready. Everyones like "dude stfu your not a helicopter" but they dont know how i feel. I think we should have helicopter changing roomes for everyone thats fighting the same up hile battle i am

  • Uh heck no

    Depending on what you have in your pants is the gender you are no switching bathrooms or gender cause you can't change what you're born with. If you have a pen you're a boy if you got a v you are a girl. No transgender's or LGBT in general alowed.

  • Gender is irrelevant in basically every aspect of society.

    Sex is what matters. Biological sex is what determines genitalia, hormones, physical appearance, etc. If gender neutral bathrooms are allowed there is no possible way to keep men from going into the bathroom with little girls and putting them at risk. Comfort for some people should NEVER take precedence over safety for others.

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DawnBringerRiven says2017-11-03T17:44:51.600
Everyone who votes no is saying that people who believe themselves to be another gender than they are insane. They do not however, state how this is related to changing rooms. How does a room that is only allowed to be used by one person at a time (possibly in addition to family/significant other) relate to people feeling a certain way about themselves? How is this at all significant?
DawnBringerRiven says2017-11-17T17:39:24.110
No one is going to reply?