• Eye for eye

    My research is done on consequences for animal abusers. Alabama is the harshest, with 10 years imprisonment maximum. This should be minimum consequence of EVERY state. But I personally believe eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, blood for blood. How would you feel if YOUR animal was being beaten by someone?

  • Animals are man's best friend.

    Animals feel same as humans, want love, affection and be treated good. Those that abuse/neglect animals should be treated same as the animal that abused, jail time, register on animal abuser list, and cannot own an animal for life. Protcting animals should be a priority rather than swept under rug or ignored

  • Animals are just as important

    When you think of an animal you might think of them as just walking toys for you to play with, but there not. Animals are just like humans and they deserve just as many rights. If a person abuses an animal it is just like abusing another person so they should definitely get a VERY harsh punishment.

  • Animals are just like us.

    Animals just want to live a life, without people hurting them for no reason like these cruel people. We need to enforce harsher punishment laws for these people who think it it's fine to hit these poor animal. Imagine if you were that animal. Would you really want to be hurt like that. Anyone who thinks it's even the slightest bit fine to hurt an animal like that should rethink their life and what the idea of fun is.

  • Animal abuse should be felony

    Animal abusers are cowards and generally scumbags that need to abuse something in a position of weakness so they can feel good about themselves-its no coincidence most serial killers torture animals when they are young -I would have no mercy on you sick punk coward bastards that abuse helpless animals

  • Would you like to be abused if you were an animal

    It is so unfair lots of people do not care about animal abuse, it is disgusting to see animal been abused like not being fed, getting sprayed with water, getting yelled at while doing nothing and when they are staved to death and not fed. Would you like it if it happened to you? Don't think so.....

  • Animals are Amazing

    Anyone who thinks it is ok to hurt an animal is insane, what has any animal ever done to you?As one of the superier forms of life it is our job not to hurt other species but to help them survive. How would you like it if someone decided to steal you starve you and beat you just for fun? You would be miserable. Please," don't hurt the animals"

  • What's the difference?

    What's the difference in animals and humans? The way we look, we talk and they don't, they're hairy and were not? Actually, in my opinion were not different at all. We both are living things that have to fight everyday to survive. Yes, we both kill our own kind but they do it out of protection or just for food because their starving. Us, its' not so different. We kill for fun or relief. We definitely need more stringent laws for animal cruelty.

  • Humans are animals to

    Humans are mammals and mammals are animals. So, if you abuse animals you are abusing your own kind. If your that angry you need to punch a bag of potatoes or a punching bag, punching bags are called punching bags for a reason. First, we destroy their habitat, then we force them to eat brown pellets in a bowl, then we make sure they can escape. We tell them when they can go to the bathroom, then we abuse them because, What we´re angry at somebody else!!?? In conclusion HUMANS ARE EVIL!!

  • Animals are beings too

    I am disgusted to see people going against this debate. Sure, it's an opinion but it's horrible to see the reasons. The against side are saying things like 'animals are here so we can eat'. Like, that is just sad. They are not here to eat. They are here to live just like us. What gives us the right to just take over and control them? The laws SHOULD be harsher because I don't know how anyone can do any harm to an animal without feeling bad. That is horrible. I hate how the other reasons here are just jokes and that they don't take this seriously. They can't speak for themselves, so we have to do it for them.

  • No we should have lax laws for animal abuse.

    There are many ill and hurting people all over the world. A person is a much more important member of the world than an animal. Especially in a civilazation of Humans, a human must be of most importance. Animals are just there for us and to do whatever we want to do with them. The government is making too many harsh laws.

  • No no no

    Animals are people to they eat and breathe the try to survive in this world. Of coarse they fight with each other but us humans are worse we kill each other for fun but they do it for survival.. They are companions,friends familey. So stop with the cruelty ... :(

  • Animals are fun

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  • Donno how i ended up here

    I was searching stuff on the internet and some how ended up here, think i'm going to go grocery shopping today, any of you guys want something? I got like 20 bucks s we all can get chips. Maybe a drink too. You guys are fun, lets go hang out sometime

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