• No the army is not needed

    There are few country without army like costa rica and liechtenstein .These country redirected the fund to the education ,environment conservation .Development etc...The most important that costa rica is best known for their environmental protection programmes.And they have happy moments in their life. Ina country there will be small problems between citizen for that there is is police force uto protect the citizens.

  • No, the army is needed.

    The question of whether or not we should have an army is ridiculous. The army serves as the front line that would protect our country in the event of disaster or conflict. Eliminating the army would be extremely detrimental to our military and country. The army is very beneficial to me.

  • Who would defend us without an army??

    If we have no army then whose to defend our country from other countries trying to invade. Without an army the world we be chaos. People or groups especially religious group that try to use force an aggression to take over other countries would be able to do it without any resistance. I think we need an army just to protect the citizens of our nations.

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