• It's what the Framer's wanted

    When the Constitution was ratified, it was designed in such a way to encourage political parties. Political parties ensure that the minorities have a voice and are not drowned out by the majorities will. It is also designed to allow for people to learn more about political leaders without studying them individually.


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  • Conservation and Innovation

    United States' history, from the very beginning, can be characterized by two political impulses: conservation and innovation. We have a group that wants to preserve our heritage and make cautious change; we have a more innovative group that isn't afraid of change and wants to pursue ideals like equality. Political parties are merely formalized groups representing these impulses in the American character. Both are legitimate. And chances are, you do fall into one perspective or another. However, it worth noting that political parties cannot simply push their whole ideology because they must appeal to moderates and form coalitions among groups with similar goals.

  • Typical Voter Behavior

    Unfortunately, voters have proven time and time again that they are lazy. Voter turnout is low, especially in non-presidential elections, and most voters can't even answer basic questions about the issues that affect their country, state, county, city, etc. Political parties have platforms, and this gives the average voter a Cliffsnotes version of the issues affecting them and approaches to solving those problems. Without political parties, voters will be even less informed.

  • The Swing Toward the Middle

    Specifically, under a two-party system, the candidates must first appeal to their bases within their respective parties. Afterward, for the general election, the must swing toward the middle to appeal to moderates. Thus, it can be said that the two-party system has a moderating influence on politics. Under a multiple party system (or no parties at all), there is no incentive for politicians to appeal to moderates and could possibly win with 33% support or less. The division people complain about is created by an unwillingness to compromise, a problem that would exist with or without political parties.

  • Ambition Checks Ambition

    Political parties serve an important function in holding the opposing party accountable. They monitor every move, looking for even the slightest misstep, and then give this information to voters. Without political parties, the news about a particular politician's corrupt actions would be far less likely to reach the ears of voters because the news would be lost among an unorganized political mob. In short, we need political parties to help hold our politicians accountable.

  • What would we be without political representation?

    Political Parties help represent different ideas and beliefs among the people of the United States. If anything, more political parties should be necessary because there are so many arguments between republicans and republicans and democrats and democrats. If we did not have political parties running for government would be complete chaos due to the fact that its America and no one agrees.

  • Yes political parties help represent better

    Political parties are great things for a country to have. It allows people to form a group based on what they believe and where they are going with the country. If anything we need more major political parties not to get rid of what we have. The issue is that there are only two that can do anything.

  • It causes division

    Political parties work but only for a limited time. We have seen this happen with others such as the federalists and whigs. This happens because of the division it creates. For example, in the beginning, political parties will mingle and work together. However one, or both, will form the ideology that their ideas are better than the other party's ideas and soon the system breaks and we fall into a situation with no compromise.

  • Political Parties for Uninformed

    People care more about their "team" winning than the country they live in winning. If people had to research all the candidates they would make better decisions for our country. Just voting because that person is n the party you think you support is ignorance. In fact that's why the electoral college was "made" because "we the people" were to ignorant to make good decisions. Let us make decisions MAKE people research and see if they are blinded by the news channel they watch

  • Parties eliminate thought when voting

    I get it! We have had political parties for along time, and there is no reason to believe they are going away anytime soon. Since their inception, political parties have forced people to vote on certain issues along party lines, regardless of their own personal beliefs. This lack of conscious thought during the voting process leads to results that are not representative of true american opinion. A government by, for and of the people should not eliminate the possibility that some of its people align themselves with the virtues of both parties.

  • What's the difference?

    My political science professor said most people dont really know the basic differences with the parties and often the lines are blurred - I personally don't feel the need to be catagorized in either politics or religion. He also said 80 percent of the population is blindly led and about 20 percent think for themselves think for themselves. Considering what's happening with this election I don't feel most people aren't even capable of rational thinking. How in the hell could trump b any worse than bush or Obama? They are afraid of him cuz he won't play the game.

  • They do not produce responsive government

    The nation faces all sorts of serious problems, from growing inequality to spreading international terrorism, but the bitter fight between Democrats and Republicans has largely ground government to a halt. Partisans on both sides are so angry they can barely speak with the other, much less work together. The most extreme are convinced that members of the other party are treasonous and purposefully harming the nation. This isn’t just a perception. A recent Pew Research survey found that 36 percent of Republicans thought that liberal policies are “a threat to the nation’s well-being.” 27 percent of Democrats feel the same way about conservatives. They don’t just think they have better ideas or their opponents are misguided and honestly believe that the other side is more interested in partisan gain than the well-being of the nation. Many of the more extreme partisans simply refuse to work with the other side. The result is that the two parties have the nation’s capital, and many state capitals, in a death grip.

  • "A house divided can't stand" - Lincoln

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  • Main reason the country is so divided.

    Both spew hate and flat out lies without any consequences. The media has become so biased they can't even pretend to be unbiased. Having character assasions constantly degrading each side is in no way beneficial to our country nor will it solve the difficult problems our country has to face. Eliminate all political parties and seek representatives that you want to represent your core values and needs.

  • Parties corrupt leaders

    While the arguments FOR a binary party system offer some compelling arguments: lazy voters, a self policing system, two extremes struggling toward the middle etc,,, the efficacy of this system has been closed but the voting populace has failed to recognize it. We are becoming more and more aware of the abandonment of the will of the people in favor of the machinations required for one party to defeat, malign, out maneuver, discredit, and / or challenge the opposing party. Fighting the opposing party becomes the whole game, leaving the needs of the people way down the list. In a democratic republic such as ours, the elected officials are typically beholden to and held accountable by those whom he represents. The situation of our country right now is no different, but in this case it is the party that supports, chooses, elects, informs, and forces its elected officials to vote and behave in a certain manner. This level of power and influence is dangerous and I am certain it was never the intent of the founding fathers to allow the controlling power of our country to be isolated in the hands of an unelected few party leaders.

  • Corruption permeates political parties.

    Divide the issues between parties so that rational thought cannot prevail against corporate interest. That is the order of the day.
    The Congress, Senate, house of representatives, etc. Do not need parties in order to function. All a politician needs to do is vote in accordance with the will of those that elected them to office. And in my opinion there is absolutely zero room for un elected officials. There is also zero room for public servants with lifetime appointments to office.
    There is a vast wealth of common ground and common sense in the combined wisdom of the American people.

  • Polarization not needed

    We should always find common ground and open minded on all issues. Parties have more in common than they care to admit if they focus on our core values such as freedom, compassion, generosity, hard work, honesty and healthy lifestyle. We have minor differences which is the beauty of diversity.

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