• Focus! Focus! Focus!

    Yes because think about it us girls always think about how boys think about us same for the boys. We need to focus on school not our young love life! This ijs why i think w should have seperate gender classes. Think we need to FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS!

  • It works well

    The test scores for students increases In single sex schools. Girls increase in math and science. Also, less bullying happens when schools have different classes. It has more of a affect because we stay more focused in class. It means that we are not trying to impress the other gender. This is why it is a good idea to have single sex schools.

  • Boys and girl stay focused on their work and not each other, and boys and girls learn differently.

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  • It gives us a knowledge for later life

    In single sex schools there isn't a competition for who get the girl and therefore has made a safer learning environment. At my junior school it was co ed and I was bullied by the guys that wanted to impress the girls. Since going to a single sex school there isn't a popularity contest and it has made my learning a much more enjoyable ride. This will mean that when we get a job we won't compete as much and we would probably keep a lot more friends at the work place. And just in case people say that it is only my opinion I have over 200 friends that would happily back me up at Guildford.

  • Yes, but optional.

    Single sex schools should not be required to go to or a persons only choice, but having it as an option does not hurt anyone. Some kids and parents alike prefer the single sex schools, not just because they think it will be easier to focus but because than the kid isn't worrying about what the girl/guy they like thinks of them while trying to learn.

  • Boys and girls learn differently

    For many decades boys results in education have been declining and girls results have been increasing. This is because classrooms and being designed more for the way girls learn, boys and girls learn differently and it does not benefit them to try and fit them into the same educational model.

    Research has also found that boys achieve far more in literacy when they are in single sex classrooms, as girls verbal abilities can be intimidating. The same can be said for girls in previously male dominated subjects.

    In single sex schools there is no fear of being the only boy in the home ec class, or the only girl to choose shop.

  • Discourage Gender Stereotypes

    This should be a legit option for any student. Having the same sex, especially in a school setting will limit a lot of social constructs, stereotypes and pressures. Just look at the facts, boys tend to get more attention than girls in school in general. And lets not even get into the pressures girls feel when boys are around. I think a same sex school for girls and boys will allow each sex to have strong role models during their academic career, and limit the unnecessary pressures found when students are in the classroom with the other gender.

  • Yes and no...

    As much as I agree with these statements, I'd just like to point 2 advantages out. (Overall, I'm pretty much neutral as I go to an all girls school, and I enjoy it.)
    First things first, the changing situation. In year 5, when I went to a mixed school, the boys always peeked though this small window on the door. They were literally piling on top of each other to get a peak, but now I go to an all girls school for my secondary, we don't have this problem.
    Secondly, girls used to be obsessed over boys and wouldn't focus on schoolwork and I have to admit, I went through that phase too. There are still some girls that are a little bit more enthusiastic about the opposite sex, but I don't feel as strongly about it. I would want a boyfriend in the future but right now, I'm focusing much more on GCSEs and so is everyone else in comparison to us last year, when we only had End of Unit tests.
    I do however think it is better having both as I feel a little bit more awkward, talking to boys even if they are just friends and I don't want to date them. I got so used to just talking to girls about the average things plus all the girly things that I'm starved for conversation topics that don't result in me geeking out about Doctor Who or something...
    Overall though, I'm pretty much neutral, maybe leaning a little bit towards liking same-sex schools though I do think we should keep both. I'm just happy where I am.

  • Relationships. Life. Needs. Guys.

    Ok in order to maintain health and social happiness, there is need for interaction with someone of the opposite gender. Like... Guy friends never create drama! Eventually it is risking social experience, if you dont have anyone different than what you look like. Some may say its a distraction, bur friends that are girls are just as much!

  • Schools should be a preparation for later life.

    If they are intended to prepare us for our lives, then they should be a good approximation of real life, that includes the presence of opposite sex. Rather, if schools are single sex, then people on those schools will not be as mature as they should, when they deal with the opposite sex.

  • We shouldn't have single sex schools.

    The primary reason why I don't reprimand such is that it has the higher tendency of students be sexually confused. According to the past researches, students who are enrolled in a single sex school would most likely be susceptible to a change in sexual orientation. For instance, if I am enrolled in an all-men school, there is a higher probability that my sexual orientation will alter. So far that's my only concern. On the brighter side, single sex schools will promote camaraderie among students without malice.

  • We as people should be inclined to human interaction.

    We as people should be inclined to other gender human interactions. For it has always been this way and that is how it should stay!Young women get into more fights when it is just them alone. And in how the world is going we should all stick together. I live in this world full of hatred and we need no more!Like Obama attacking Syria, NOT RIGHT!!!
    Skye B.

  • No please don't!!!!!

    We shouldn't have one gender schools. We are young kids and boys serve as distractions. Lits apart of life to be near boys and to like boys . People are trying to change life. Without boys we wouldn't have children and we wouldn't have Adam and eve. We are gonna have to talk about sex education anyway so it really doesn't matter. I found my boyfriend that I had a 10 month relationship in school

  • What About Transgenders or Gender Fluid?

    This is another way that would discriminate against those who do not associate with their sex. People who don't fit in to these boxes exist, and by segregating our schools by sex only perpetuates that something is wrong with them. It is not beneficial to students because this assumes heteronormativity.

  • Not for public schools.

    A young mind develops in school as we seem to know. Personally I have not thought of any valid argument that would make all schools be single sex schools justifiable. People need to interact with other people opposite sex from them its healthy. If all schools were single sex schools until the start of collage how would it make for a future. There wouldn’t be any socialization skills or at least very little. Our schools should still have both male and female students in them.

  • We shouldn't have single gender schools

    I think that students will have a hard time socializing once they graduate high school because they wouldn't be used to different gender people in the workplace or just around. It can also be considered discrimination because your separating genders because boys do better in certain classes and girls do better in other classes. That's just like saying girls can't play sports.

  • We shouldn't have single gender schools

    I think that students will have a hard time socializing once they graduate high school because they wouldn't be used to different gender people in the workplace or just around. It can also be considered discrimination because your separating genders because boys do better in certain classes and girls do better in other classes. That's just like saying girls can't play sports.

  • Why there shouldn't be same-sex school:

    There shouldn't be single-sex schools, because girls and boys need to be prepared for later life. Most likely, every human on earth is going to meet a member of the opposite sex. Making a same-sex school would make these encounters awkward, as they don't know how to talk to a person of a different sex. Preparing for future life is something good to have, along with social skills.
    While some may say that boys and girls work differently, not all of them do. Some can work the same. And if this is true, students should be inclined to learn multiple ways to learn, not just one. This is also useful in future life, as people may only teach in one way or one in way in favor of the others.
    Another thing, is that boys and girls shouldn't be segregated from each other. Put it this way, if something is not like them, they will feel the need to segregate themselves from the person(s). While others should never have to learn to think this way, learning at a young age is even worse.

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