• We should have the death penalty in Canada.

    We should have the death penalty in Canada. I think that the amount of crime in Canada would increase and the murder rate would increase. If people can do something and think that they can get away with it then they are most likely going to try to do just that.

  • Canada should have the death penalty.

    Although Canada considered itself a peaceful country, if they came under a terrorist attack or had a major crime committed in their country, they would demand the death penalty for those involved. The death penalty is natural for those people who commit the worst crimes against humanity and it can sometimes be necessary.

  • Yes, Canada should have the Death Penalty.

    Death Penalty is the ultimate and final punishment for all capital crimes. This also should act as the last and final deterrent to prevent the very crimes for which the death penalty is needed. This has proven to work in many other industrialized nations over the course of the last 200 years.

  • Yes, the death penalty can serve a purpose in Canada.

    While I am not generally in favor of the death penalty anywhere, especially in first world countries such as Canada, I do think there is a place for it. Some people are just sociopaths who can not be rehabilitated by jail time or re-education. Their crimes are heinous and they themselves are not happy being alive. It saves unhappiness and money all around to put them out of their misery.

  • Yes Yes Yes 8=======D

    Bagels. Feed me Bagels. People who eat bagels should be sentenced to death because only I can eat bagels. I love Bagels. If you are reading this and if you eat bagels you are going to be on the death row because only I can eat bagels. Bagels. Bagels! Bagels. Just kidding bagels should be on the death row.

  • Yes yes yes

    If it can be proven they are guilty like the man who killed his three children yes the death penalty should be here, his mind was not right at the time he done it obviously but who on earth thinks he’s going to get better they say it was ok before he done it and went bad but can be brought back to normal but why could it not happen again

  • Death penalty in Canada

    If you have a family member murdered would you want the man/woman to live.Life in prison is better than no life at all.If you kill someone you should be in hell but that would not be what god would want but still they should die. God bless, Long live Jesus Christ Savior of the world

  • God says so to

    In the bible god says that if you kill someone than you should get killed to and also they know what they are doing so if they know they killed someone they should get lifetime in prison no prolix or that they should die by the law of death penalty

  • I think that the death sentence in Canada should be brought back

    There are sociopathy's out there that will kill no matter where you put them, say a sociopathy kills 7 incent people and is sentenced to 3 life sentences, if this man is put in prison he wont care about death he will start to kill inmates and keep killing until he dies, but we cant kill him because we don't have the sentence anymore. Therefor it should most defiantly be brought back. And there are a lot more reasons to.

  • Yes we should

    We should kill peoples like they do in the ghetto. A good old fashion drive by glocking them home slices they don't deserve the sugar their momma dances for. We should all be black and start to use glo. Besides the gay. They should be shot also. We should also perform the good old hangings f atch.

  • Death penalties shouldn't exist.

    Capital punishment shouldn't exist because what is the point of it being here if crimes like as murder are such a rare occurrence here. Even if we did have a murder here, we could deal with it a different way. An example would be the case about the schizophrenic Asian-Canadian who beheaded the person on the greyhound bus. He could've been directly been sent to a prison and faced a death sentence without any background knowledge of him what so ever. What they actually did was the supreme court closed the case because of his disability and sent him to Selkirk Mental Health center. Sure they could've dealt with that problem different like sending him in a high security prison, hire a highly skilled therapist to analyze his behaviour, and release him after deemed safe for society.

  • We should not have a death penalty.

    Even if we do have a death penalty it really doesn't have an effect on our crime rate or murder rate. In fact, statistics show that murders increase with the death penalty being enabled. The very concept of capital punishment sounds barbaric. What I don't agree in is the fact that the Canadian Government aren't analyzing criminal cases as much as they used to. A good example would be the Vince Li case about him beheading Tim McLean, 22, a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus near Portage La Prairie, Man, in July 2008. This guy was found not criminally responsible for killing someone and the only reason to prove that was because he had schizophrenia. This person is supposed to be going to a medium security to be rehabilitated.

  • There's a reason we don't have it now

    What is the government going to do if you put a man to death and year after his execution you find evidence that proves his innocence you have just killed a man for a crime he didn't commit. I know that doesn't happen often but with the death penalty those kinds of things can happen.

  • I don't think so

    Canada doesn't need the death penalty. It is a dangerous slope to say that the state has a say in whether people die or not. Canada should not adopt the death penalty because there are better ways to reform behavior and to punish serious offenders. They should find different ways.

  • No, we shouldn't.

    I believe that the death penalty is barbaric and reduces the government to the level of a murderer. My main reason for opposing a death penalty however is just that it is far too easy for the wrong person to be executed for a crime they didn't commit. There is plenty of evidence of it happening many times in the States.

  • I Do Not Live In Canada

    The death penalty is overrated. Sure, It makes people feel like justice was served to the criminals that do horrific crimes to innocent people. What about all the people who get executed falsely? Plus, many people think the death penalty is the easy way out. It is a lot harder to live with your sin than be put to death so you never have to think about your sin again. Then you have the costs of keeping the death penalty alive.

  • No to the death penalty

    The death penalty should not be reinstated in Canada, as it has no valuable purpose whatsoever. I do not understand any of the arguments in favor of it, whether based on misinformation in regards to deterrence of crime, or moral and ethical arguments which seem like they come from some twisted sociopath.

  • No way .

    It is a terrible idea to do this because it is really bad.
    Everyone has a right to live! Please don't bring back the death penalty no no no no way it's terrible don't do this no dont do this no no no no no no no no no no!

  • God says so to

    In the bible god says that if you kill someone than you should get killed to and also they know what they are doing so if they know they killed someone they should get lifetime in prison no prolix or that they should die by the law of death penalty

  • Just Wrong k

    This is a persons life we are speaking about not an animals but a real life persons this is totally inappropriate for people to be sentenced to death for an action they have done they should be forgiven and sentenced with a reasonable penalty... Not death... We need to see this.

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