• Right to Believe

    Before I explain myself, let me just say that the question is very vague to begin with. A "War over Religion" can mean several things. It can mean:

    -Two sovereign societies going to war just because they have different religions
    -A war over freedom of religion
    -A war where one side uses religion as an excuse when there are really very different causes behind the curtain

    The way the question is worded: "Should we have war over religion" suggests the first case in which "Should" we declare war on another society just because we disagree with their religion? I do not believe this is what the question is asking and everyone here is welcome to disagree with me, but I live in America where there is no state religion and this question would be completely irrelevant if asked by the first case expressed.

    By this point you are probably wondering why I am not on the 'NO' side, so let me answer this question in the terms I will set for myself. "Should we have [DEFENSIVE] war over religion?"
    Of course!
    War can be defensive or offensive by definition, and the 'NO' side has failed to acknowledge that. I'm seeing a lot of 'war doesn't do anything' which is bull crap. Are you saying America joining WW2 was pointless? And I am also seeing some very broad opinions on 'I think all war is bad so therefore wars over religion are evil' which is ironic because you are expressing your very right to have opinions and beliefs which would not be allowed in a society with no free speech and no free religion.
    Defensive wars over the right to free religion are 100% justifiable and if someone were holding a gun to my head and telling me I can't believe what I believe I would fight back. Therefore if one kind of war over religion is justifiable this very unspecific, vague question is justifiable as 'YES'.

  • Let them believe.

    Tho I do not support attacking people for religious beliefs, that does not mean that others won't. These people should be protected so going to war against those that oppress them is justified. Just because I'm atheist does not mean I think that people should not have freedom of religion.

  • No no no

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  • War never wins

    Religion is a set of beliefs that one cannot prove. To fight at all simply shows weakness. War won’t go anywhere because the world believes death is the answer for all differences. Even if you look at atheism it is a set of beliefs. One way or another, we all offend people because this has gone on for years. Society is accepting this as normal to survival. War isn’t the answer but it’s necessary. If you don’t defend, you lose your life. It’s not that you want to defend but you have to. Good has bad as it’s opposites-remember opposites attract, and have bad reactions. Religion has killed almost all humanity and it’s going to continue to be that way until the end of time. This is all temporary as when you die, you believe differently than the rest of the world. You fight to live. Fighting isn’t wanted, but without the army,marines,navy,air force etc. we wouldn’t be here. This world would’ve been cooked way before now. Thank a veteran, appreciate them and really try to picture what they have seen,why they fought,and what was lost from their live. They are true hero’s,and deserve the upmost respect. Defense is necessary and all I hope is humanity can come together to realize change is needed before it is too late. We need good power for good leadership and always remember that good people can do bad because they have to, not want to. As they say, life isn’t fair and you gotta fight, as each year we will continue to get worse. I’m sorry but it’s true, and everyone knows it

  • Religion is love.

    Every religion is only about love. There is no hate in any religion. Wars over religion are reckless ventures with serious consequences. No one should experience war. Religion wars are pure manipulation by political leaders who take advantage of human loyalty and affiliation to religion in order to create "justified" cause for wars. This is highly immoral.

  • Religions Do Not Teach War

    1st, I do not agree with wars. It does not really solve anything, both parties will get damaged anyway. It also does not really stick up for relevant matters anymore once the war starts, the parties involved will only want to show they are the most powerful.

    2nd, religion is not something to be contested with one another. There may be oppression from a certain religion on another, but war and violence is absolutely not the best way to defend your religion. I am sure no religion teaches about war and violence.

  • Absolutely not, religion is one idea that must be kept personal

    Imagine if I possess "firmly held beliefs" about a unicorn or something along those lines. Would it be right to go to war over that? No! No such belief, including religion, is worth fighting for - even if such beliefs are good. And bad beliefs should be removed not by the sword but by the pen.

  • No to war!!!!

    War doesn't solve anything all it does is create an even bigger conflict between the two opponents. Feel free to argue with my point of view, but as a Muslim and everything I've learned we should not have a war over religion.
    It is definitely pointless to put other peoples lives at risk over something that should be debated about.

  • I would say no

    I don't see religion as true or vital enough to fight other people over it.
    I would say that I believe it is logical and right if someone believes in their religion to have war over it. If you truly believe your religion is the one religion and that other religions are deceiving ignorant or innocent people, damaging them, why would fighting to stop this be immoral?
    But since my viewpoint is that no ones religion I've heard of yet is true/vital, not really any point in warring over it.

  • We may not be worshipping the same God but the thought that we are worshipping one is there.

    Religion was never the foundation of war and never will be. I just don't see the point of declaring war because of religion which was supposed to discipline our souls. If the government is there to keep our physical involvements at bay, then religion is there to regulate our spiritual comportment.

    Lmao am i even making sense? Just no war guys. Think of the people out there who are suffering already have some respect lol god bless us all

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Debating_Horse says2017-12-29T03:12:40.893
People killing each other over religion? That's retarded and plain dumb!