• Go to year round school.

    It will help kids with their test scores. And make them smarter because they are having extra time and it is like a head start in the next grade. And if you dont go its kind of like you are dropping out of school fo ra little while. And then you would just be going back. So its waisting your time. Just stay for year round school because it will help a lot of kids.

  • Year round schooling is a good idea

    Some kids think that year round schooling is a bad thing, that they wouldn't get enough time off to have fun or that school is too boring to stay in all year. Year round schooling is an amazing idea not only does it give the chance for kids in the U.S. to catch up on academics for schooling and competing with other countries for new advances in the world, but EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT! Education is the foundation of this world, and the growing economy, people who focus on studying and schooling more than likely have a higher percentage of making it in their dream field of work. Sorry to hand it to you but the reality is here, education is becoming more and more important as all these new jobs are being offered. Going to school year round also doesn't mean that you get no brakes! Year round schooling actually means more brakes in the year, just for shorter time periods. On average people forget 40% of what the y have learned in the past 20 minutes, and 77% of what they learned over the past 6 six days! And for a months record it can very between 90-98% of things learned in the past month are forgotten. For these reasons I would agree that going to school year round would be extraordinarily helpful to most students unless of course you already forgot what i was talking about

  • Yes

    With today's standings of how countries rank against each other on academic performance we can definitely see a trend that year round schooling takes its toll when it comes to performance. Now, when kids, parents, and educators hear year round school they immediately think that it is not a good idea because 'Kids need a break'. Well, as a student, i can tell you that at least 30% of my break is spent doing summer work for the upcoming year. This is not work to refresh my knowledge learned in the previous year though, but new material for classes I haven't even begun yet. So, why not lighten the workload completely and reduce knowledge lost by 'Breaking' in a different fashion. Three 1 month long breaks during Winter, Spring and end of Summer. By doing this we reduce the material kids lose over a long period of 3 months during summer and actually give our students a true vacation by lightening their load of over-break assignments.

  • Yes and No; It simply Depends

    Yes and no, this is due to the fact that year-round school has its advantages and disadvantages and they can be numerous in comparison. For example some academic research indicates that year long schooling can be extremely beneficial in a number of ways. It provides students with a constant routine, where there are no breaks that hinder the learning process. Usually when there are breaks in school, for say a month or longer, we tend to lose a lot of pertinent information that should be constantly remembered. Vacations in the like can disrupt this process; however one of the main topics that exists would be well-being. Does year long schooling cause insurmountable stress that could be devastating to a student's well-being? This is a question that needs further research.

  • We should have rear round schooling

    Both traditional and some year-round school calendars can have 180 days of instruction.
    The most typical instructional/vacation year-round pattern is called the 60/20 calendar (60 days of instruction followed by 20 days of vacation and the second most popular is the 45/15.
    School site accommodates 20 to 30 percent more students.
    Students retain more of their learning.
    Teachers are able to earn more money if they choose to teach extra sessions or substitute.

    Students tend to forget a lot during the summer break, so a shorter time away from school might increase retention rates.
    It's a more efficient use of school space because otherwise buildings are unoccupied during the summer.
    A year-round schedule might reduce absences because the frequently scheduled breaks allow for sick or exhausted teachers and students to recover and recuperate before returning to school. Both teachers and students might feel less burnout when they get more extended time off throughout the year.
    Some say that kids seem more interested in school without the stop-and-go routine of traditional academic calendars.
    Students at year-round schools avoid the summer slide (or, at least, suffer from it less) because summer is shorter

  • A student agrees

    I am a student and I agree it would suck going to school all year round. But i really want to be successful in life and if going to school all year around is what will make it happen. I'm in on it i think it will be very beneficial to my peers and I.

  • Yes, of course!

    Because it avoids school over-overcrowding, children are less likely to forget their word over the break. There are shorter vacation times, but more vacations. And the ranking for the school rises. Many of these reasons are why kids descend in school nowadays. I would love if my school was year round.

  • Everyone needs year round school

    I think that every one needs year round school because It helps out kids with there learning instead of being on a long break and forgetting all the stuff you learned before that year. And teachers don't half to reteach most of the stuff they did last year in school.

  • Should We have Year Round Schooling?

    Yes we should have year round schooling because it helps with our education. People say oh but I want to hang out with my friends but that's what the weekend is for and also week nights. We can have school and still hang out with our friends. That's my opinion

  • Should We have Year Round Schooling?

    Yes we should have year round schooling because it helps with our education. People say oh but I want to hang out with my friends but that's what the weekend is for and also week nights. We can have school and still hang out with our friends. That's my opinion

  • I think no!!!!!

    I think no because I already think we have to much school anyway and kids and teachers need a break. Another reason I think they should not have year round school is because they will keep changing the curriculum. If we do when kids are in 6th grade their going to be learning 9th grade curriculum.

  • School really sucks.

    I am a student in high school, and I find that teachers don't understand that they aren't the only ones giving homework, and that there are seven other teachers willing to waste our time as well. Other students are often vulgar and don't understand me at all, and school is honestly the most depressing and horrific part of my life so far.

  • No

    Definitely not. For all those people who are complaining about foreign countries getting ahead of us, the problem isn't that we have less time in school. The problem is that we have less quality time in school. The answer is raising the quality of the education we already have, rather than giving us MORE time in education that is already not as good as other countries'.

  • Too Much.

    Everyone needs a break. This includes students. A lot of students use the summers to work as much as they can to save up money for college, go create memories on family trips or enjoy time with their friends. School doesn't need to be all year round for any age group.

  • Year Round School

    No breaks from school in a whole year is very unhealthy! It's to much pressure on kids they already have enough school work for now! It would not make any sense at all if kids attended school all year round! It's just not fair for kids we the United States are not very good in school because of too much homework and school work!

  • Not at all

    I don't think we should go all year around because if we did we would never have a summer to look forward to, or have any family or friends time to make memories. It would be very cruel to make kids learn 12hours every day and the teachers need a break also.

  • Should we have year-round school?

    Because many students would be absent most of the days of school. We students have younger siblings and have part-time jobs. Working and baby-sitting would take up the majority of the day, you would barely have enough sleep to even get up in the morning to go to school. Therefore, it is not a wise choice to have year-round school because it is only setting us up for failure.

  • schools don't have the money

    It would cost too much to be able to afford paying for each student for a full year. In Massachusetts it would cost $1,300 for every student. With schools facing budget cuts they can not afford to pay the staff to work the extra hours. And when a school does not have enough money they have to stop programs such as music and other extracurricular activities to be able to use that money and pay for the students and staff. Also they would minimize staff, causing thousands of people to lose their jobs. Also, cutting these activities are cutting other learning experiences.

  • it would put too much stress on both the teachers and the students.

    Many teachers and students are wanting to have a summer to relax with their family and to go to the beach. We also need go visit our relatives or go on vacation. The teachers would have a hard time keeping the students in line. The students would want to not be cooped up in the classroom all day long.

  • Too Much Work

    Evidence that academic achievement improves with year-round education is inconclusive.
    Maintenance must be done at night and on weekends (all overtime).
    Some maintenance requires more than 15 to 20 days to be completed.
    At intermediate and high school grade levels, family disruptions may ensue.
    Teachers must pack and move everything after every session.
    Athletic scheduling and other activities (such as band) are a problem.
    Communication among staff and staff training are disrupted when 25 percent are absent at all times.
    Transportation costs may increase.
    Current facilities may not be designed for year-round education. Storage of materials is an on-site problem.
    There is increased placement of children in combination classes.
    There are increased administrative costs for designing schedules.
    Children jumping tracks cause a possible loss of community, identity, and scheduling problems.
    There are administrative costs to cover the principal's vacation.
    Having an educational calendar that is be facilities based is not recommended.
    Accommodating legislated school reform, such as extended school year and mandatory summer school, may be more difficult.

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Anonymous says2013-04-09T00:53:33.200
NO SCOOL YEAR ROUND. -_- No one wants to learn during a vacation \(-_-)/ They need vacation and spend time with their families... Relax..Rest and stuff :/ So