• We definitely should have zoos for us and their benefits..

    We should have zoos because first it saves the animals' lives, because in a forest they don't have much food to eat, and it's really hard to find food. However, in zoos they give them limited food in time to conserve the animals.

    In my opinion, it's also good for the scientists and people because they can learn more about animals and make them safe, and we might make a new invention. Another reason is you can touch the animals and watch the animals' skills and what it can do. Additionally, we can sit beside the animals outside their cages and have a nice yummy picnic with delicious food.

    Zoos have the best facilities to maintain or take care of the animals because they have special doctors for it. DON'T EVER THINK HAVING A ZOO IS A BAD IDEA, NO WONDER THE ZOO IS GOING THROUGH SOME FINANCIAL PROBLEMS.

  • Why should we?

    Animals kept in zoos are held in captivity. Of course they do not want to be kept in a confined area and be laughed or stared at.Oh,is it because there endangered? NO. Maybe they're endangered because they have been stolen from their parents by these cruel humans, and inspected upon as if they were aliens! You put yourself in the animal's shoes. Would you like it?

  • Read Life of Pi

    If one where to read the book Life of Pi, they would fully understand the need for zoos. You see, animals aren't truly free in the wild. I mean, sure, they are allowed to roam wherever they please, but only where there is enough food. Only where there is enough water, and a place to raise their young. Zoo's however, supply all of these things. They take away the worry in the animals life. They do what is suspect many humans wish they could have. Not all zoo's are good, but some, such as the San Diego Zoo, supply a place where animals can be truly free; free of fear, free of worry, free of doubt.

  • Yes i belive there should be more zoos.

    Well we already are taking away land and hunting them down. So in a zoo we can give them better health care. If we can give them health care there will most likely be more animal birth and less would become extict. Besides we will just set them free back in the wild later on.

  • Yes, a wonderful experience for kids,

    Zoos are what bring the rest of the world to a park where people can see. You can see the habitat the animals and the lifestyle these animals have that brings joy to kids eyes. Its a once in a lifetime experience for most kids and its one of their greatest memories.

  • YES, we should have zoos

    Of course we should have zoos! The animals in the zoo get treated better then they would in the wild. They are protected and sheltered, and still have PLENTY of space to roam around in. Our major zoo, the Bronx Zoo, has acres of land for those animals who need it. It also gives children the opportunity to experience different types of animals that they would not get to experience elsewhere.

  • Yes We Should Have Zoos

    We should have zoos as an opportunity for us to learn about animals and habitats. However, we should make sure that the habitats are okay for the animals and that they are not mistreated in any way. Another positive benefit to zoos is the ability to encourage an environment where animals that are in danger of becoming extinct can reproduce.

  • All that is left

    For many species, more every day, it may well be that zoos are there only hope. While menageries started as spectacles not involved or caring at all about conservation or ecology, today they may be some species saving grace. Zoos help repopulate certain species, educate teh world about the need to appreciate and conserve nature, and offer a refuge for animals wounded or treated badly by humans.

  • What!? Zoos are the Best!

    We should support zoos because the animals are protected, sheltered, fed and have plenty of space to roam around. Zoos give people opportunities to interact with animals safely. Zoos protect animals from poachers, habitat loss, starvation, and predators. Zoos also help endangered species by breeding and that helps stop extinction.

  • Zoos are awesome

    Zoos protect animals from poachers, habitat loss, starvation and predators. Zoos breed endangered animals to help stop extinction. Zoos are also entertainment for families and couples. Zoos are a great education for school kids. It is much better to see animals up close instead of seeing them in nature documentaries.

  • Stop all zoos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, I'm Noah and zoos are a bad idea, you will go to a circus and see an elephant pacing around that is a sign of distress and a symptom of zoochosis. Zoochosis is a zoo illness that animals in zoos get. Animals will bite off their skin, pace around, and have a lot of other symptoms. Zoos are really a cruel way of entertaining. How would you like it if you were separated from you family? Plus, they first use a tranquilizing dart that can really harm animals. Next, their habitats are all artificial so they could get harmed if they ate any of it. Zoos don't give animals enough food and when they tranquilize they get put in a cage, right? It is hard for animals to breathe. Sadly, if there is an overpopulation some animals are sold for slaughtering. Also, zoos only cover the minimum standard of everything for all the animals. Then zoos don't even fulfill animals desires to stay busy. Also, zoos have a captive breeding program but when the animals are ready to go back to the wild zoos donit release the animal. Yet zoos don't even give enough food to all the animals. SO IF YOU SAID NO YOU ARE RIGHT

  • Don’t call yourself an animal lover when supporting zoos.

    Zoos are prisons for animals, where animals are put in restricted areas that are very limited from what the animals would have in their natural habitat, where they could walk, run and fly long distances which is in their nature. It’s not healthy for the psych or the physic of these animals to be constricted in this way, in an environment that is NOT stress free. Hundreds of people visit the zoos everyday and contributes with loud noises, flashing cameras which is not natural for these animals even the ones who are born in captivity. Zoos does not only exist in wealthy countries that can offered to contribute to making the environment for the specific species of animals they have more “natural”, there are still zoos with plain caged iron bars, because zoos have become something that is “ok” wherever in the world they are located. Imagine how many zoos there are in the world, when basically every country has more then one and the amount of animals that are in captivity.

    If you truly want to give your kids a learning experience making them true animal lovers, go see these animals in the wild, save your money for that safari trip or whale watching instead of contribute and supporting the ones who earn money on these animals in captivity. There is nothing more magic then observing wild animals in their natural habitat.

    Instead of putting all endangered species in captivity we need to preserve their natural habitats, from hunters, global warming and polluting the oceans and rainforest deforestation. Do all that you can, recycle so that your garbage don’t end up where it‘s not suppose to, buy rainforest alliance products so that you don‘t contribute to rainforest deforestation and ignorance, take the freaking buss instead of driving to work.

    Don’t call yourself an animal lover when supporting zoos.

  • How would you feel if you were put in a zoo.

    Animals are taken away from their families and put in zoos where people just stare at them. How would you feel if everyone was staring at you all the time? Just like all humans, animals should be free too. Animals get stressed out when they are in a zoo and away from their family.

  • No, we should not.

    Animals should not be kept in zoos, or in captivity even if they are endangered. Most animals are endangered are from humans anyway. How would you like being kept in a cage often forgotten, fed through bars and little attention, used for money, exhibits, shows, circuses or just to be kept away or left out! It IS NOT FAIR!

  • No, they are cruel.

    Those poor animals are treated terribly. Why should children be allowed to think its okay to harm and hurt animals, but mostly take them away from their families? If you can't do that to a human then why should animals be treated like slaves? It should be stopped! No to zoos!

  • Zoos don't treat animals well.

    Hi, my name is Kayla Caesar and I think the people who said no are right. Zoos do not provide enough food for animals. It is so hard for the animals to breath because they are locked up in glass cages. Putting them on display is not the right answer. Animals in zoos do not get treated better than those that are in the wild. If you want to research about wild animals and those that are from the zoo, you can. The right answer is no.


    Wild animals aren't just some kind of toy anyone can do whatever they want with. Stop zoos. We all have to understand this is for the best of these species, no matter if they are endangered. Let them live ! This is not there natural habitat; no matter how big there cage is. OPEN YOUR EYES AND REALIZE.

  • No to Zoos

    In my opinion, zoos are just a way for cities to get extra profit. In response to a post that support zoos, animals in zoos DO NOT get treated better than those in the wild. It has been proven that on anverage, animals in zoos are more depressed and lonely than those in the wild. If you want to research animals, animal refuges are the better choice. locking animals up in glass cages and putting them on display is not the answer.

  • No

    No we should not have zoos. Zoos disgust me. They take animals out of their natural habitat and put them on display for profit. I know that zoos can help save endangered species, but they should make animal refuges instead, make them non-profit and not for show. In zoos, animals are also confined to small unnatural areas.

  • It's Wrong To Put Wild Animals On Display

    No, we should not have zoos. Wild animals were not meant to be caged and put on display. Instead of a zoo with cages and glass displays, there should be areas similar to zoos where animals can exist in settings more like their natural environment. Stuffed animals or even replicas could serve as displays for people to look at. The only difference would be that people would no longer be able rap their knuckles on the glass panes or throw peanuts through the bars to get the animals to respond.

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