Should we impose the death penalty upon people that have killed others?

  • Yes, we should impose the death penalty upon people that have killed others

    While I do not advocate the death penalty as the starting point in criminal murder trials, I do believe that the death penalty should at least be an option for those accused of murder. Once someone is dead, the recidivism rate for murder is zero. By agreeing that we can impose the death penalty upon people convicted of murder, we can at least prevent future murders from occurring.

  • Need some line

    People need to set some line in order to define and set morals in a country, and the taking of another person's life is the ultimate deprivation of rights, a truly egregious violation of the rights of the people of a country. People need to understand that some things are truly worth dying for.

  • Two wrongs do not make a right.

    Murder is a horrible crime that not affects the victim but also there friends and family. Murder also affects the community at large. Violent crimes, in general, make people feel unsafe and afraid. That being said, I feel the punishment we impose on murderers reflects on who we are as a civilization. The death penalty attempts to use violence as punishment against violent people and can only beget more violence. Not to mention, it does nothing to bring back the life of the victim.

  • No, we shouldn't.

    I don't believe that we should impose the death penalty as retribution for murder. The retribution can be in the form of spending a life behind bars. While some people consider an eye for an eye justice, it is barbaric and it stoops to their level. The justice system is also too unreliable. Too many people have been executed in the past who were innocent. If they get life in prison, they have until they die naturally to appeal their case.

  • Disagree, but it depends on the killing.

    I'm going to say no on this, simply because the question is very broad and there's no black and white answer for me. Some people, like serial killers, do deserve to be put to death. As do child rapists. But, as a whole, people who have killed did it in a temporary period of rage, by accident, or in self-defense or war.

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