• We should keep birthright citizenship in the US.

    We should keep birthright citizenship in the US. If a person is born here they should have every right to citizenship, even if their parents are in this country illegally. The focus should be preventing illegal immigration, not punishing innocent babies who are born on U.S. soil by taking away their ability to be a U.S. citizen.

  • Yes, it's only fair.

    Yes, I think we should keep birthright citizenship in the US. It's only fair that a child born in this country be considered a citizen of this country, and be eligible for all rights accorded to a US citizen. It would be morally wrong to expel a child born in the US.

  • It's only fair

    Regardless of the parent's citizenship status at the time of a child's birth, if the child is born in what is considered U.S. territory,that child should be a U.S. citizen. While the legal evolution of requirements for citizenship still continues, the prevailing sentiment has always taken the child's point of view. Which,given the world we live in and the prejudice exhibited towards outsiders, is amazing.

  • No, we shouldn't keep birthright citizenship.

    I do not believe that the United States of America should keep birthright citizenship. I think that it is an outdated law that doesn't really benefit the United States much in any way. I think that if two illegal aliens were to have a kid in the United States, that kid should still be considered illegal.

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