• It's none of my buisiness

    Is heroin bad for you? Yes. Is cocaine bad for you? Yes. Is caanabis bad for you? Maybe.

    However, since the drug addicts using the drugs doesn't affect you, they should be allowed to consume the drug.

    Their health insurance bills may cost a lot but a tax on the drugs, however big necessary can be used to pay for health costs from the drug.

    Posted by: asta
  • Yes we need to make them all legel

    My thought is that if we legilze all of the drugs the less people will do it. People do drugs becuase its illegel and if we make it not then people will not think that it is cool any more not even lying
    But you know what is better then drugs. FREE ROBUXS


    Have fun!!!

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NileRivers says2018-04-10T18:28:49.930
I totally agree that drugs like nicotine should be legal. As long as the government agrees, and provides the means to kick it. Like they do for other drug rehabs.