• The Union should kick California out, honestly

    California's culture evolved after WWII and the Cold War, and Californians are much less industrious than the rest of the US.

    The reason the GDP of California is so big is because your minimum wage is $14 - near double what the rest of the US's is, sans a few outlying states. The rest of the states are economically conservative, while New England is socially liberal, which is why they also vote blue.

    This "living" wage has created an unsustainable competition between California and the rest of the US, which is a big no no. It breeds mediocrity (Buzz Feed, cough cough), and leads to a spiral of rising home prices as people flock to the higher minimum wage.

    Minimum wage is not supposed to be comfortable and support someone. It's meant for people who have no other skills. Hard work, for the rest of us, leads to success. That's the American Dream. Not being handed a shit ton of money for doing the work any twelve year old could do and then buying a bunch of useless baubles with it...

    California is beyond help. The US should kick them out, they're not in line with the rest of the states who understand hard work and sacrifice, and don't need to depend on the state to provide their lifestyle.

  • Please let California go!

    Let California secede. As long as they keep Hollywood Celebrities there!
    California doesn't seem to have the same values or beliefs as the majority of states. I believe if a state wants to leave and form it's own country then they should be allowed. We shouldn't force them to stay.

  • The Union no longer serves its purpose, and the only thing keeping this together is vanity and pride.

    First of all, for any state to secede, they must be required to pay the remaining states at least 30 years of their equivalent Federal tax contributions to the remaining states - this would make each state consider the options seriously, and incentivize them to stay in the Union to collect the funds from the separatists, if that is indeed the outcome.

    The Federal government is not able or willing to serve the best interests of the population as a whole, and it can be argued that it is not even possible anyway. As people, we are not that different, but as individual regions with unique identities and economies, a single government not only fails at unifying us, it is actually serving to antagonize regions against each other. As independent regions, each region would seek friendships and common ground as needed rather than force others to comply with our own standards.

    Of course California with its technology and movie businesses wants unlimited free trade. How can this possibly help the manufacturing sectors in the rust belt? What if these trade deals were negotiated separately? Wouldn't it be easier and more beneficial to these regions, and the world as a whole as well?

    Meanwhile, we are spending our resources - sure the rich states provide money, but the poorer states provide people! - on projecting military might when the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans provide more protection against military invasions than our actual military. Yeah - I do trust Mexico and Canada - the Texans do not seem bothered by Mexico, and they're actual neighbors. Have the newly formed countries also provide their 2% to NATO and be done with it!

    I personally suspect that Steve Bannon also sees this problem, and he hopes that the country breaks apart, leaving some regions to be distinctly and lastingly white. Fine. Draw those racial boundaries and see who wants to stand on which side!

  • Yes, it's called FREEDOM!

    Why shouldn't kalifornians have a right to secede and enact all of the leftist programs they want: open borders, MORE eduKation, MORE gun control, MORE taxes, MORE environmental restrictions, and of course, MORE abortion & perversion on demand - if that's what THEY want, so be it.
    To be honest though, they ain't got the guts... And we all know it too.

  • Trump is the tipping point.

    I live in a state with a gross national product that places it in rank of the 8th "country" in the world. My state pays federal taxes that take care of the Trump voters in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio (those states that tipped the electoral scale, thank you so very much), along with other poor Republican states whose votes count more than mine in a presidential election. Many people in my state have a difficult time affording the high cost of living -- and they receive insufficient aid from the federal government. I am done with all the life-sucking Republican states that don't take care of themselves, and who don't care about humanity in the way we Democrats do. They want the best of both worlds: conservative voting and parasitic living.

    California and any other state that is progressive and fed up with a system of federal government that consumes its tax dollars with very little say deserves to make decisions separate and apart from said federal government.

    Of course the Legislators won't like this. They won't vote for it. They want to continue their parasitic assault on California and Texas. Are they willing to go to war to keep us stuck in the union?

    I am so furious that a sexual predator, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, ableistic, lying, deceptive, incompetent, cheater of small businesses, bankruptee, without any sophisticated awareness of the world or our nation has ended up in office. I blame the states that depend upon my state's wealth for their federal monies. They do not care about human beings. They do not deserve our care, either.

    So, California, here we goooooooooo! Yay 2018. Let's do it.

  • Yes. It will be very fair for them and other red states.

    It is fair to let them secede. Because they are strong enough to be a country except the military. But many countries in the world doesn't have strong military anyway.
    Also California is a very lovely state. If they are independent, they are able to accept as many as refugee and help illegal immigrates as much as they want , because it will be their freedom , they can also establish their benefit program to help people without pushing other red states to accept the same opinion and taking taxes from tax payer in other states
    Overall, I think it is very fair enough for California to secede. They can implement what what they believed while other states doesn't need to accept what they don't believe. It is fair.

  • I do believe California could I dunno Texas

    California has the top wealth in agriculture and money. Literately California is called the golden state for a reason. However, if California secede it would be 5 wealthiest country. US literately gain their wealth from California. It would hurt a bit but it also would be a huge punch to the US.

    Texas has oil sure but that is cheap. They need more substantial way to keep themselves alive. However, they could make it with some agriculture but not a lot. They would have better militia than most states so they can protect themselves. But they would do better for a 2nd world country.

  • We lead already

    California already leads the nation in policy and economics. The rest of the country just takes and extra 10-15 years to catch up. Why continue to suffer the choices of a closed off , frightened country when we can be a leader you the world. We already have a greater wealth, population and resource supply than almost every country in Europe.

  • The United STATES

    State: a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government.
    It would be both a power and monetary grab by conservative states to prevent a Californian succession. Besides, wouldn't republicans want to get rid of a largely democratic state that always opposes them? If Republicans theories about the economy are right, California will come crawling back in no time. Also, this area never really was OURS. It was Mexico's.
    Texas also deserves the right to secede if it feels the government is controlling it too much.
    Not much would change if this happened. We would still be friends with Texas and California, and would have alliances and trade deals.

  • I think it could work for California, but not Texas

    California has more resources and self sustainability than Texas. Yea Texas has Oil but that is becoming cheaper as more alternative energies are implemented.
    On the flip side though, the new face of the Supreme Court will undoubtedly be conservative and never allow California, or any state to succeed. It takes power away from them. Do we even need their approval? My other concern is that a foreign nation with nuclear capability that could reach California soil.

  • United we stand

    Those who think we Californians can live lavishly outside of the Union are delusional .
    First of all our products and services will no longer be affordable for the Union as fruits , vegetables , nuts will be imported by the Union from Mexico . We are protected now
    by Import Tarifs and regulations of the Union,
    don't expect same treatment when we leave the Union. The water comes to our farms from out of state - we don't have the water rights . The succession only benefits Californian elite not an average American.
    Get this stupid idea out of your head .

  • No, we should not let Texas and California secede

    No, we should not allow Texas and California to secede from the United States of America. Although both Texas and California are large states with large populations, they would not benefit, and neither would the United States as a whole. Texas and California would not be able to support many of the services a large population needs, such as military, law enforcement, and health care, on their own. Texas and California would be better off staying as part of the United States of America.

  • What is this?

    Even though some people may blubber, there is no real secession movement in either of these states. If those states really did try to secede then we will have to cross that bridge. However, both of the states have large incomes, larger than a lot of countries already. It won't happen.

  • No, I don't think we should let Texas and California secede.

    I think if we let a State secede from the Union then it would set a dangerous precedent that says it's okay for a State to secede from the Federal Government, I think in the end we could have a fractured nation and a fractured economy which benefits nobody in the end

  • Preserve the Union at all costs!

    No, absolutely not! The only reason secession is even talked about is pouring in of "third worlders" who do not share our values, could care less about the constitution and/or the founders. Immigrants that hold loyalties elsewhere are getting into office and it's reaching a tipping point. How long until there is a majority of immigrants in the state government. They will all vote to secede and then vote to annex the territory to Mexico... It says in the constitution "for our posterity" not the displaced masses of the third world. If this continues the USA will not be. Also whites in the west are treated horribly in their own countries. Massive immigration into only western countries will ensure extinction of western ideas and western people. Look up the total fertility rate of people world wide. Also whites are a majority inside the USA but worldwide we are a minority not the other way around. I will not let California or Texas secede. I would follow in Lincoln's footsteps. Preserve the union at all costs!!!!

  • We should not let Texas and California secede.

    It would not be good for the United States to allow Texas and California to secede from the Union. The country is stronger with these two states, and they are important parts of the economy. Their culture is also important for many Americans. We would never let these two states leave the country.

  • Not your state to take, its part of MY COUNTRY

    A lot of people did not like it when Obama got elected president but you did not hear people in a lot of the majority conservative's states try and succeed from the country. No we put on our big girl panties and "delt with it", you don't get your way by having temper tantrums. I know you superior liberal probably think we didn't try and succeed because we aren't smart enough or aren't organized enough to do so but you would be wrong.

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