Should we make plans for over population now in the the US

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  • Overpopulation may lead to apocalypse, starvation, ect.

    "🎶 There's too many men, too many people making too many problems! And there's not much left to go around...🎶" at the moment overpopulation isn't an issue, but if it gets to the point where we cannot feed everyone or function correctly we should try China's one-child policy that they had for many decades. The population density of the US is VERY uneven, maybe we could relocate people to places like Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, ect. If the east coast becomes too populated to function.

  • Start planning now.

    So far, the U.S. has been fortunate to have more than enough resources to support it's people food needs. Thing is, if the population continues to rise, overpopulation is inevitable and we may be in the same position as other countries are. This means that the time to start planning is now. This way, we can make use of the time to create population control plans, and put them in place before we run out.
    Some countries that have already felt the pinch of overpopulation have taken legal measures to control population and with some successes. Clearly, population control can work, but I'm not sure if they would work here because of our history in doing the opposite. For instance, what some countries have done is impose fines for having too many kids were our country tend to give financial support to them in the way of tax breaks per child. I have a different tho probably controversial plan in mind.
    With the advancements in birth control that we have made and are capable of making, I think we could develop methods to temporarily prevent pregnancies similar to an IUD that has been used in the past. Basically, everyone would required to have such a device implanted. Each year, a limited number of people would be allowed to have this device removed to allow a pregnancy. This alone could put a stop to overpopulation. Thing is, my plan would go a bit farther into who would be allowed.
    To be allowed, you would have to be able to show that you are able to raise a child in a suitable environment. This not only means that you have to be able to support the child financially but provide them with a good family structure. For instance, if you have been found guilty of a child related crime, you would not qualify. If your too young or otherwise not mature enough to raise a child, you would not qualify. If you have not achieved a minimal education requirement, you would not qualify. If you have a criminal background, again, not qualified, and so on.
    Some may claim that some of these qualifiers are discriminatory but in reality, the few that may be are also changeable. For instance, if your not educated enough, you can further your education. I think others like a criminal background would be justified.
    The benefits to this plan go beyond just the population issue but have other benefits. You see, it also provides incentives to further your education, income level, and to avoid criminal activity to assure children a raised in good homes. It also would eliminate unplanned pregnancy so end the abortion issue. It would also reduce the need for programs that act as handouts to less fortunate parents who can not afford their children. Sure, some people with children can loose their income but it would prevent those who already can't support a child from having them.

  • Yes it will become a major problem

    Considering land can't be made this is a huge problem because there will not be a decline in population without a plague or something like that eventually there will be no more room for grave let alone houses it is crazy to think there is not a plan in place when no more houses can be made and no more people can have a grave stone this will not happen in of our life times but will eventually

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