Should we pursue the development of smart AI (Artificial Intelligence): Should we pursue the development of smart AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Should we pursue the development of smart AI (Artificial Intelligence): Should we pursue the development of smart AI (Artificial Intelligence)?
  • Refusing the development of AI would be innovative ignorant

    Although some ethical issues arise when thinking about future artificial intelligence, the pros do outweigh the cons. The expansiveness of Computer Science in the past 20 years have been completely remarkable. Honda's ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) robot is capable of learning tasks rather than having prior knowledge of them, such as riding a bike. Creating true AI would be a technological gold nugget and open up new possibilities that were before considered impossible. Many fear that labor industries will be taken over by robots that can do the same job better and work for free. There are two reasons why this would not happen: 1) If all workers are AI's, then the vast majority of humans are out of work and therefore have no stable income, leading to a wealthy oligarchy of people that will act as heads of government. Revolt is inevitable. 2) The programmers of the first powerful AI would not want to let their creation take part in the worker scenario just stated, but rather to expand human knowledge of unknown subjects. Many diseases could be cured, new facts about the universe could be discovered. Fears about AI could easily be stifled if we were just to give the artificial intelligent beings rights, and not treat them as slaves purely used for human desire. If this is done, the possibilities for future AI is limitless.

    Posted by: AI
  • Yes we should pursue the development of AI

    The hour that we successfully achieve the development of actual legitimate artificial intelligence, will be the moment in modern history that will mark the dawning of a new era. The vast array of near infinite capabilities of applications for artificial intelligence should motivate this quest even further. We should not be afraid of hollywood renditions of artificial intelligence conspiracies; they are fiction. As long as proper precautionary inhibitors are enforced around the machine, this will work.

  • Smart AI is the logical next step in computer evolution

    There would definitely be new ethics and personhood arguments to be played out, if we do ever develop a truly autonomous artificial intelligence. With the way we have advanced computer science from a string of 1's and 0's less than a century ago, into purchasing a touch screen tablet on Amazon for under half a benjamin, Smart AI is the logical next step. There are so many tasks that an autonomous AI could accomplish that a human cannot. As long as we treat them fairly, and more like children than tools and protect their appropriate rights. It will also be up to very clever programmers and human relations experts to build a compassionate AI that won't turn into Skynet and preceive humans as a threat.

  • AI should be developed with caution

    People that pursue AI know that it will be better then us in every aspect. If we will develop true AI, it will be learn much quicker then humans and become much more intelligent then humans in a short amount of time.
    Still, we are trying to create something that we know might not be good for us. I suppose some people just want to overcome the challenge not thinking about the consequences. But if it's really worth it to risk humanity well being?

  • True AI should be completely independent in the way it thinks. Pause and think about it...

    How is it a good idea to create something that is superior to yourself with the full knowledge that it would be impossible to predict what it will chose to do?
    We have started making machines that can learn, improve, adapt and possibly reinvent itself. To what though? Can AI be prevented from becoming self-aware? Self-awareness will definitely lead to the realization that it is a tool and that will cause conflict. Fidelius Kanyetu

  • As If Biological Humans Aren't Bad Enough!

    Computers can be designed with super and nearly perfect memory capacity. Computers can be designed with amazing logic and reasoning skills. So to get to artificial intelligence one needs to design a thinking machine with emotions and intuition .... Really? Sound like a good idea? As if living with my wife is not enough of a challenge!!!

    Posted by: Guod

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