• Yes bcause it will help.

    Placing a tax on junk food will not only help people stop eating junk food but also the tax that would be placed on junk food it will help raise money for the people in Africa that are wishing that they at least had a bread crumb. Those 10 cents that will be placed as tax could prevent someone from dying you will be able to buy as many junk food as you want but a simple little tax will be placed on it.. And that tax will help someone in need.

  • Raise taxes on junk food

    I live in North Carolina, in our state, 66% of the adults are overweight or obese and we rank 5th worst in the United States for childhood obesity (http://www.Eatsmartmovemorenc.Com/ObesityInNC/ObesityInNC.Html)I believe that if we raise taxes on junk food, people will limit the consumption and be encouraged to make healthier decisions. We NEED to prevent this obesity epidemic from expanding.

  • We should raise taxes on junk food.

    We should raise taxes on junk food in order to encourage people to eat healthier. Raising taxes on tobacco has led a lot of people to quit smoking. Obesity has become a public health disaster and it is time for the government to act against this dangerous trend by taxing unhealthy foods.

  • Raising taxes on junk food will be beneficial.

    The government is constantly in a spin of "increasing US debt" & money shortages. Tons of news stories have circled around controversies involving maybe taxing drugs or other new means of alleviating this financial burden. This would not be as nearly as beneficial as if the government inducted a tax on an already detrimental resource available to society. Obesity remains one of the United States most significant problems. Making it harder to attain these fatty foods will definitely help to alleviate this problem.

  • There should be a tax on junk food.

    There should be a tax on junk food because if people eat a lot of junk food their bodies will not work properly. Junk food may cause obesity and obesity causes health problems like diabetes and heart disease. If there is a tax on junk food, maybe the taxes can go toward making healthy food more affordable.

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  • Higher taxes won't encourage healthy eating

    People buy junk food because it tastes good and satisfies their cravings. An increase of a few cents for a burger won't make people want to go and buy vegetables and quality proteins. The government shouldn't meddle in another aspect of consumer industry and WE should instead promote healthy living through making people aware of the obesity problem.

  • It's a good idea

    Yes its a good idea because i'm a smart c*nt who knows what hes talking about, so listen to me pls when i say this because its better for people to be fit because then less people will be fat and unhealthy but they will change to be skinny. Yay smart idea!!

  • If we raise the taxes on junk then people will be more obligated to buy healthy foods.

    The obese people in our society are everywhere. There is a way to stop this and i think that this is our way out. If the government raises the taxes on junk food to a price that makes the junk higher than our healthy food, (vegetables) then people will have no choice to say that the healthier food is now cheaper and the wont be able to complain about how the good food is so expensive and junk food is cheap quick and easier to make, plus when you buy junk food you feel as if you have to buy more then you really need because it doesn't fill you up. So really people what do you want for yourself and you family now and in the future. Would you rather be fit and healthy and fe3ll greta or would you like to feel fat, look fat, be fat, and feel like crap for the rest of your lives

  • Be Fit Please

    People need to get more excercise and be like me. I am so educated that i get fit unlike the african people with obesity so be like me and get educated and get less fat and make the healthier choice. You wont regret making the choice that will make you less fat.

  • No way jose



    Just sayin...

  • NO either way people will still buy the junk

    Even if you do that there is other foods or drinks that are supposedly healthy and are not , same amount of calories and still fatty. I feel that if you are obese its due to your parents , that is completely there fault. Its there money and they choose to let you spend It on that until you get a job at 16 then I say its the parents fault. And adults should be allowed to eat or drink as they like. As I see it this is just another way for the government to take money from us. Completely disagree. Stop trying to maintain other people let them be happy and do what they want Its called rights (;

  • Yes, there should!

    America needs to have some type of self control, and if she is not able to do it herself, then there needs to be sopme type of conformity with the consumption of food, and if America can't do it, then we should help and throw a law in saying YES to a tax

  • One way will not solve the issue

    So say we do decide to tax "junks foods", notice the quotation marks would taxing one group solve the issue of obesity in america? We have had junk food for over a century and it has affected our society in many ways, but we have had this food category for a century and we have chose to eat these foods on our own, we haven't been forced to eat them. Additionally if a tax passed who would decide what is junk food and what isn't? That would spark a huge debate nation wide and then that would mean that the government could have to create a average meal guide for us. I don't even think that the money received from the tax would even go to better informing the population about their choices and educate them on what they should eat or shouldn't. Also just taxing this food category won't make up for our 18 trillion deficit.

  • There are multiple reasons why

    I could get into deep detail about this, but lets just say this easily and simply. If people buy more produce, there would be more energy used to harvest the multiple demands. If there is a natural disaster, then there could be a possibility be a drought or a famine. Enough with the out of the box thinking. Let's go about this the logical way. Fast food restaurants make up most of the economy's money, and so if people stop going to Mc-y D's because the prices raise even higher, there will be a mass effect on demand.

  • We should not.

    Raising taxes on junk foods might not only discourage people from purchasing them, but the companies that produce them could go bankrupt. We don't need another Great Depression. On top of that, sometimes junk food IS needed. There are some people who have diabetes, like myself, that require a boost for their sugar levels.

  • No, we should not raise taxes on junk food.

    I don't think we should raise taxes on junk food. This would be to much of a political issue between big corporations and politicians. It would lead to kickbacks in regards to which junk foods would be considered junk foods. A better solution would be to prevent food stamps from being used on junk food.

  • Overing Taxing Is Bad

    I believe it is a bad idea to raise taxes on junk food. One of the reasons America exist as it is, is due to the over taxation in the United Kingdom. America sought to create a fairer and more balanced approach, and it did for awhile, but now American is becoming over extended and just as unjust as its once enemy.

  • No makes no sense

    Junk food has been around for a long time and has not been taxed. Now all of a sudden people think it should be taxed? Just does not make sense. Junk food is still food and last I checked food is not taxed. Plus who decides what is junk food and what is not?

  • No this is not right

    There are many ways to cut spending and raise money, however taxing junk food is not one of them. To start adding extra taxes on food is not where we need to see this country going. Today it is junk food then the line starts shifting more and more and before you know it tax is on all food.

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