Should we raise the age of criminal responsibility?

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  • Age of 10 should stay the same.

    I think that by the age of 10 most children understand what is right and wrong.Just because of their age it doesn't mean they do not receive a fair trial .By the age of 10 you can get a criminal record ,children the age of 10 who commit crimes are victims of circumstance.

  • Decrease the age to teach lessons.

    We should lower the age of criminal responsibility. This is because too many crimes are done by juveniles and they need to be taught lessons early on. If we don't they will continue to break laws. If we don't punish a 16-year-old for theft, he will think that there are no repurcussions and continue the behavior.

  • No, the age of criminal responsibility should not be raised.

    18 is plenty old enough to be charged as an adult. By 18 a young adult should have been taught that criminal behavior is a punishable behavior. Term of imprisonment could be lessened since the kids are likely to mature more in the near future. When society has not been able to teach a kid that criminal acts are wrong by age 18, it is necessary to show that there are real consequences.

  • I think the age should be lowered

    For some reason, in today's society we want to allow individuals to get away with crimes based on their age. This is unacceptable. There is no reason why a 13 or 15 year of kid who commits the act of murder, rape or theft should be allowed leniency just because of their age. Being young is not a license to act against the law. And they know it was wrong and most assume because of their age they WILL get away with it.

  • No we shouldn't

    No, If anything it should be lowered because we have children committing criminal activities. We are seeing kids younger and younger committing felonies. If we lowered the age and made the parents held accountable and let the children and the parents to go to prison for their actions it would work possibly. But raising it will not help it needs to be lowered at the age of 10 a child knows right from wrong by that age frame. So if we make them accountable by then it would possibly reduce.

  • No, the age of criminal responsibility is fine.

    I do not think that the age of criminal responsibility should be raised in the United States of America. I think that age shouldn't be that big of a factor in regards to how we treat a criminal unless they are too young to even comprehend a crime. I think that the age of the current criminal responsibility in the states is fair.

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