• Yes we should

    An employee working a 40-hour week at the federal minimum wage would earn $15,080 per year. This income would leave a two-person household -- a single parent with one child -- just below the federal poverty threshold of $15,130. So in sence we should
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  • It should be raised

    I think it important 4 people and because I really want to have my side win haha I'm a tie breaker this is very funny but still minimum wage should real and I mean really increased people. The government doesn't really try to do that though which is really bad

  • It should be

    Right now the federal minimum wage is set at 7.25 an hour. Working 8 hours a day for 5 days would only be around 300 a week. That is close to what unemployment people get. Also, when people say that they should get a better education, well a lot of them couldn't afford it. So is that fair?
    Lets not forget the people who have kids. They can't afford to work two jobs at minimum wage because they would spend all of the money that they earned on child care. So that 300 dollars gets even less because they cant work 8 hour days.

    Maybe, increasing it might make it easier for them to get a better education for either them or their kids. That means that they can get better jobs. Is it fair that we are keeping people from getting a possible better job because they don't have enough money.

  • Yes we should.

    The minimum wage should be increased. The cost of living keeps rising and rising, while minimum wage for the most part remains unchanged. If someone is working a full time job at minimum wage, they are still going to be below the poverty line and unable to fully support themselves.

  • Noo it shouldnt

    Minimum wage should not be raised. The people working for minimum could have tried to go further and beyond but instead they just did enough to get by, If they really wanted a well paying job they should have focused more on school. This is just my opinion. No rude comments please

  • We should not.

    Wage is based on the skill set required for a certain job, and how easily the employer can find a worker that can perform the job adequately. So, minimum wage jobs are those jobs that anyone can do, and is therefore easy to find workers that can perform the needed tasks. Raising the minimum wage only skews the market by over-valuing those low skill jobs. Everyone wants a higher wage, but that's why there is an incentive to increase your skill set and be able to get a job that deserves a higher wage. Plus, most people that work for minimum wage eventually move up to a higher paying position, assuming their work ethics are good, and that they learn skills through their experience. If your stuck in a minimum wage job for a long time, then the market it saying that you are a poor worker. Sorry.

    Also, it has been stated that most minimum wage jobs are at large corporations like McDonald's that can afford to pay more and not tank. That may be so, but there are certainly small businesses that hire employees at minimum wage that cannot afford to pay them more, and these companies will be hard pressed to balance their budgets and not go under. So, raising the minimum wage is inherently pro-large business, and against small businesses. Large corporations will take the hit easily, while their small business competition will crumble. I for one would like to see small businesses have the upper hand.

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