• Yes, so that Americans can pursue a new way of life.

    Part of the problem of growing is not rejecting--or abandoning--an old way of doing things. Just like a snake must shed its skin so that it can grow further people have to do the same thing metaphorically. What is the current American way of life? Look at Americans. They are fat. They are stupid. They are materialistic and narcissistic to the point that they produced a wasteland of culture on a pure, beautiful and majestic landscape. We should reject the American way of life. NOW!

  • Indeed we should.

    They're an embarrassment.
    American English is the biggest joke I've ever seen. It's basically taking English words, misspelling them and creating a new language of bad English, it's ridiculous. The same goes with pronunciation, technically about 90% of American's have very poor English because of incorrect spelling and pronunciation. Obviously an accent is acceptable, so the pronunciation is a weak argument but "Aluminium"? Seriously, that's the most annoying.
    Don't get me started on their political views and outdated ideals, that;s for another topic completely.

  • No, we should not reject the American way of life.

    America is a free country. We have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press. We are able to walk down the street without worrying about being arrested for our beliefs. Do we need a little overhaul? Yes, of course we do. Nothing is perfect, but the American way of living should be respected.

  • What is the Alternative?

    If not the "American" way of life, what would you replace it with? We are a society based on the rule of law, personal freedom, and the power of the vote. Find another "way of life" that provides the rights and guarantee's that our Constitution does. We should not be thinking whether we should reject our way of life, but we should be thinking of way we can defend it from those here, and abroad, who would destroy it.

  • No We Should Not Reject the American Way of Life

    It is not the American way of life we should reject, it is the ideas that are being put forward by the Tea party that we should reject.
    America is a country that was started as a place for religious freedom, freedom from tyranny and freedom to pursue happiness. That was not the case where all future Americans came from. America used to stand for the spirit, strength, and dedication of purpose of the people who built the foundation of America. It was a live and let live place. If people needed help building a barn the whole community chipped in. But they did not interfere with the people whose barn they built.
    If we could abide by these simple rules:
    1.Live and let live
    2. Help thy neighbor if they need the help.
    3. Have freedom of religion and thought.
    4 Freedom from tyranny.
    Then we would be living the American way of life as it was imagined by our Grandparents and Great Grandparents who gave up everything to come to America. They did so for the betterment of themselves and their family. So we could live and be free. No other citizens of any other country had imagined America. Our forefathers did and we owe them the respect to carry the ideals and promises made in the constitution forward. So our children and children's children can also live free.

  • No we should not reject American way of life

    No, we should never reject the American way of life and instead embrace it. The American way of life covers so many in the world, since our culture has impacted many other cultures over seas and abroad. The American way of life is unique and special to so many citizens that it should never be abandoned.

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