• Its not nature!

    Come on people!! If it was just nature, then they wouldn't be going extinct! They are being hunted and killed and used for our wants! Notice how I didn't say NEEDS! We don't need any of the stuff we are getting from the over excessive hunting. Only hunt when needed nurpphs!

  • Yes save these animals

    I love animals and i think we should keep every animal alive, because god created them and put them on this earth for a reason..... For love and support and they need our care for our safty and support. Please save these animals they dident do anything to you. PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Yes! Of course!

    We ourselves are animals. You may think that they need to protect themselves, but it is our fault in the first place that they are endangered.
    Why? BECAUSE WE INTRODUCED THE PESTS THAT KILL THEM! NO, that is not all... We destroy their habitats and eat their meat. WE HAVE TO HELP THEM!

  • Nature can't take it's cause, because we are destroying it

    People who disagree think "lets nature take it's cause" but we are causing them to not have one, we are destroying their homes, their food and most important, their family. We are murdering creatures for game, or for more land and house and junk. We can't just sit back and do nothing, but we shouldn't spend billions on saving them.

  • Most of the time humans are the reason a species are endangered

    Yes, we should save endangered species. It would be unfair if allow a species to fade completely out of existence due to humans taking over their territory or hunting to the point of no recovery. Not to mention those that are not hunting for eating, but for sport of monetary gain.

  • We should save endangered animals.

    Animals help us and we help them, it's the true food-chain. Animals are living creatures like us, so they should be saved. If we were endangered, would you save us? Put yourself in the endangered animals' shoes. Animals are amazing creatures just like us. Zoos help them, more zoos mean more animals.

  • Save the animals

    People should save animals because they are super important to the world in many different ways. For example they are referred to as pets and they are also important as keeping animal population in control. They are also necessary to live our lives we need animals to survive and they need us to survive too. (;

  • They are dying.

    These poor creatures need our help without our help they will die because of us and because of us! We should show the animals that we are there for them and we do not want them to die off! Why should we stand off to the side and watch these creatures die while we are the cause of all of this? We need to help them before they die we need to stop them from dying. We need to show them we are there for them!

  • we should save endangered animals

    we need these animals our world has a fragile ecosystem. and without some of these animals we would die off and others with us and then the whole world would be off balance. then the population of some would grow and others drop rapidly the world would just die because of the in balence ment of the eco system

  • Earth's Fragile Ecology Needs the Food Chain Intact

    Humans are not above nature. When mankind causes destruction to natural habitats, it is our duty to save affected species of animals. Unfortunately, crises such as overpopulation and global warming have led to the decline of many animals. If not for endangered species protection, creatures such as the American bison, the bald eagle and whales may not be around today.


    It is simple, Charles Darwin and others proposed the theory of Natural Selection 2 centuries ago and it can be applied to all endangered species. If the species cannot adapt to change through descent with modification then it will become extinct. Its been happening for the last 3.5 billion years or so. We ARE part of nature and if we continue to take their habitat for our use then they will not last. To think that we can somehow put them inside a fence somewhere just so we can go visit and say "Look what we have saved" seems selfish to me. Let nature take its course.

  • It's nature's course.

    I am simply saying that every day, over 1000 species that existed previously die. Why should we step in and intervene? We think we are so superior that we are above nature herself! "Stop, we like these tigers, so we should keep them alive instead of letting them die with dignity."

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